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United Regions Alliance

[center][font=georgia][size=250]Interregional Hub[/size][/font][/center][hr]
[center][size=150][font=georgia]| [url=][color=403D3C]CHARTER[/color][/url] | [url=][color=403D3C]HISTORY[/color][/url] | [url=][color=403D3C]LEGISLATION[/color][/url] | [url=][color=403D3C]INFORMATION[/color][/url] | [url=][color=403D3C]STATISTICS[/color][/url] | [url=][color=403D3C]GUIDEBOOK[/color][/url] |[/font][/size][/center][hr]
[box][center][size=125][font=georgia]The United Regions Alliance is an inter-regional organization founded on the principle of making sure that every nation and region has a voice within Nationstates. You can find out more information on this organization by clicking any of the above links, or by directly contacting the President, [nation]Noble Titans[/nation], or the Vice President, [i]Vacant[/i], either by telegram or on discord at Noble Titans#5562 and [i]Vacant[/i], respectfully.

If your region is interested in becoming a member of the URA, please contact the Deputy Director of Recruitment, [nation]Emiline[/nation], for more information and assistance in the path of becoming a member of this organization. If you're interested in the organization, feel free to join our [url=]discord server[/url].[/font][/size][/center][/box][hr]
[size=75][i]This dispatch was produced by [nation]Suvmia[/nation]. Do not reproduce without explicit permission.[/i][/size]

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