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Queen Ghidorah

God Queen and Volcano Goddess of a Primitive Empire

A painting of her without her jewelry.
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A bit before the formation of the Armada




Around 10,000





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"My scales are thousand-fold shields, my teeth are swords, my claws spears, the shock of my tail a thunderbolt, my wings a hurricane! And my breath? Death!" – Ghidorah to some non-believers
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A very conversional figure in the Armada, Ghidorah, or Queen Ghidorah as she likes to be called, is a self-proclaimed goddess. She is the oldest member of the zravvisk species alive today, at 10,000 years old. While she has just recently rejoined the Armada, her god complex and reactionary views clash with the modern Armada heavily. Though her divinity is very much under debate, those that met her say that her sheer size and golden scales almost as radiant as all the gold jewelry she wears that could crush a man makes an convincing argument.

Early Life
Being that she is from the era of the Armada from which no records either survived or are readable, it is impossible to know much about her early life. Even Ghidorah, herself admits that she does not remember much of her childhood, but she is additament that her parents must have been gods as well to birth her. The Armada is skeptical of that last claim.
Becoming a Goddess
Ghidorah was separated from the Armada during one of their many failed colonization attempts when a local power drove them off the planet. During the battle, it is said that she fell unconscious and fell into a volcano where she spent the rest of the battle. She only emerged after long after the battle was over, and both sides were long gone.

It is said that she went down to the local native village and began terrorizing it, likely both out of rage at the battle and the fact that zravvisk of that time were much more aggressive than the modern semi pacifists. Being pre-industrial people that barely got out of hunting and gathering, they were helpless against a zravvisk. Eventually the people tried appeasing her with a sacrifice. It worked, she found the practice curious and spent her time trying to figure out why they would tie up their own and put him in the open covered in gold and jewelry. She eventually took him back to her volcano home.

Eventually she returned to the village calmer and watched them. While she kept her distance, the villagers became unnerved at her constant presence considering the damage she had caused. They eventually made a statue of her, hoping it would please her. Amused by this, she stayed around and started interacting with the locals, surprising many when she revealed that she learned a bit of their language.

Soon rumors started spreading that she was a goddess, especially after she single handedly annihilated an entire enemy army. Worship of her continued as well as periodic sacrifice, assuming that they would please her. Ghidorah with her poor gasp of their language did not understand what they were doing. Out of boredom she began helping with physical tasks such as plowing fields. As she spent much of her time in a volcano, she was covered in fertile volcano ash that fell off as she helped or flew over. As the locals noticed that fields she spent time near had better harvests, they assumed it was a blessing of hers, strengthening worship.

With her cult growing, they declared her the god queen of their village turned city. Amused at the villagers thinking she was a goddess of the volcano, she accepted. However, as millennia of worship and living longer than any zravvisk should set in, she began believing it herself. Especially once she started outgrowing all but the largest monuments. As god queen, her rule has been quite well for her people as she quite genuinely cares for their wellbeing. Using her unrivaled wealth, she funds all manner of projects and uses her massive size to do large scale projects like digging canals or flattening roads by herself. With her help, the village has turned into the most powerful and prosperous empire on her world.

On the other claw, tales of her merciless are widespread though those that oppose her. One rival empire that invaded her people soon found their capital city being visited by her. The rumor goes that she blocked all escape from the city by destroying all the gates then walked through the city and any buildings in her way to the palace. After destroying it, she turned her attention to the city and its citizens. The grand city of millions was reduced to rubble and only a few survivors who fled to the rest of the empire and other nations telling tales of the utmost cruelty and sadism she displaced. How much of it is true and how much is exaggeration is unknown. She is also one of the few zravvisk that has an acquired taste for sapient beings. She finds them tolerable rather than horrible as most zravvisk do, through eating countless soldiers and civilians when she destroyed hostile armies or cities reasoning it would reduce the burden of feeding her on her people.
Return to the Armada
As the tenth millennia of her time on the planet started to close Ghidorah felt a longing to return to stars and spent more time in orbit around the planet. Then the Armada of the Zravvisk returned. Now the Armada had visited the planet many times before since they left her there, but it seemed like they always arrived and left while she was taking a long nap in her volcano home. The Armada heard about her cult and interacted with its followers but paid it little mind since dragon cults always sprung up on planets that they visited. Both sides were stunned, Ghidorah in seeing her old countrymen and the zravvisk in seeing Ghidorah much bigger than was thought possible for zravvisk.

She agreed to rejoin the Armada to settle the longing she had for the stars, but tensions immediately flared as she thought that as a goddess it was only natural for her to rule the Armada. The zravvisk refusing her claim of divinity, were offended that someone that couldn’t even qualify to join any of the ruling councils thought that she had any claim on the position of chief. Chief Valstrath seeing that she could cause a crisis if things weren’t too far, agreed to have a duel for position of chief. Ghidorah quickly agreed, her arrogance blinding her to any chance she could lose. And lose she did, as her massive sze did not compensate for the fact that she hadn’t had a real fight in ten thousand years while the chief was vastly more skilled and agile.

Shocked at her loss, Ghidorah became a loyal member of the Armada. While there is still tension in the Armada due to her continued claims of godhood and reactionary views, she has made no more power plays, carrying out every order given to her by the chief with only a little bit of mumbling.
Reign and Ideology While ruling her Empire
Queen Ghidorah was very much loved by her people and feared by her enemies. She made sure that her peoples’ lives were the best they could be by investing in projects for them and freeing any worshipers of her that were enslaved. This quickly led to all salves in her empire becoming free, but the slaveowners couldn’t complain too much due to all the public works projects she funded to make the empire richer. She also expanded her empire’s territory by visiting neighboring countries’ capitals loaded with gifts and offering them a choice; either accept her rule and gifts or have their city destroyed. With all the cities she wiped off the map, the local government usually went with the safe route and submitted to her.

The only complaint the people could’ve had were the sacrifices to her. Mostly still part of her worship by tradition at this point, Ghidorah admitted that she never killed any of her sacrifices. Well that she never intentionally killed any of them, a few accidents did happen. Instead of being killed by Queen Ghidorah, the sacrifices were instead entered what many would consider a kind of harem. Living with her in her volcano home, considered them her closest friends and advisers, and they rarely wanted for any luxury.
Policies and Proposed Reforms

Political Opinions

Pro and Anti

  • Pro: Conquest, military buildup, theocracy, worship of her, investing in her people

  • Neutral:Ancestor Veneration,

  • Anti: Slavery, atheism,

Personal Life
Back in her empire she had her harem for companionship. However, in the Armada she does not get along with most members. Her claims of godhood, power play, and very reactionary views compared to the rest of the Armada does not endear her to her countrymen. The main member of the Armada she interacts with is chief Valstrath. Despite her first move to claim his job and grumbling whenever he gives her an order, she’s made no move to disobey any order he’s given her. Even if it’s the exact same order she ignored from someone else. Her shipmates also mention that it’s obvious that she thinks of Valstrath all the time.

Chief Valstrath, sees their interactions to satisfy his archaeological curiosity. She is after all the only one in the galaxy fluent in Ancient Zravvisk and the only one able to remember anything from the Armada’s early history. He also mentioned that he hopes that their interactions will help cure her ignorance of many of the things the zravvisk learned since Ghidorah was part of the Armada, like space tactics and the existence of noncombatants. Though, he also stated that being next to her as she gazed on a new wonder of the galaxy reminded him of the same wonder he had the first time he saw it.

Combat Ablitly
Being 50 meters long and 21 meters to the shoulder, Ghidorah is by far the largest the zravvisk to ever live. While she undoubtedly beat most things when it comes to brute strength, it has noted that her skills in combat are barely existent after 10,000 of no real fights or need to train as shown in her duel with chief Valstrath. Then again, she doesn’t need skill in most combats since her hide protects her from even anti-tank weapons and her plasma beam can cut through a city block. Not to mention, she can destroy buildings just by putting her weight on them.

What I think her stats would be based off of Valentine Z's stats here

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