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Wolf and Stone

MAJOR 01 June 2020

LinkSong 1

Quiet was the night, where forces from all over boldly made their way into the stronghold of the hungry wolves. They paced, their mouths frothing, desperate to feast on flesh, no matter whose it was.

“Remember, brave friends,” began Haku, standing tall and proud. “We are here to LIBERATE! No matter what happens, we CHARGE! Charge to victory! Charge to freedom!”

The battle cries of over 30 brave, valiant soldiers reverberated around the arena, filling the spirits of the defender armies with a proud cry, and the hearts of the wolves with paralyzing fear. The alpha tried to remain strong against the cries.

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Haku strode in the area proudly, eying the wolves with contempt. He was invincible, not a wolf dared to even look him in the eye. They cowered in fear, their tails between their legs and ears pinned against their heads.

Out of the horde of determined defenders, Karputsk stepped out front, opening his mouth wide.


LinkSong 3

The onslaught arrived. The first wave slammed into the wolves. Khevol, of the UDSAF and RRA, launched a pickly barrage against a few wolves. Pyrohy of The Grey Wardens unleashed his potent flamethrower upon several wolves. Vincent Drake, also of The Grey Wardens, rapidly charged several other wolves, very nearly untouchable. FiHami of the SPSF swooped in from the skies in a blaze of glory, immolating more wolves. Kicton marched in, kicking several more wolves away. Bobberino of the NPA slammed the remaining wolves on the frontline into Haku, who, with a defining slash, threw the wolves into the side, never to come back again.

The next wave of defenders was too large to count. Together, Haku, the first wave, and the remaining second wave charged the wolves, their sheer numbers overwhelming the wolves.

“ONWARDS!” Karputsk and Haku shouted together, leaping into position, defending a native resident of the area from the jaws of the wolf. The native quickly thanked them, running to the safety of the Defender-held territory.

“LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!” FiHami screeched for South Asians, the fearless leader of the SPSF. Her worry was unnecessary, for the proud Minister showed off his years of experience with a flawless execution slice from his sword.

The United Vex Imperium of the Grey Wardens looked to his side, shouting loudly for Chimes of the RRA, who was getting cornered by the ravenous wolves. He charged, beating them aside.

“You good?” The United Vex Imperium asked, stretching out his hand to help his friend up.

“Yes, thanks.” Chimes responded. With a quick motion, Chimes drew out two large unicorn horns, charging for the next wolf. The United Vex Imperium nodded, drawing his gun out, shooting down a band of hawks that tried to swarm the fearless general of the SPSF and warden in The Grey Wardens, Nakarisaune, attacking her with their razor-sharp claws.

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The United Vex Imperium, BEHIND YOU!” Another General of the SPSF and warden in The Grey Wardens, Roavin, shouted. However, his warning came too late.

The battlefield suddenly froze, turning to watch the alpha wolf grab The United Vex Imperium by the neck, tossing his now-limp body to the side. Everyone paused, seeming to back away from the center of the field, clearing the path for Haku to stride in, the anger of a million suns burning within.

“You killed my dear friend.” Haku began, a single teardrop falling from his face. A soft, glowing light radiated from the stone necklace around his neck, slowly enveloping his body in the light blue light. “I… will finish… you… all…”

The wolf growled, leaping right for Haku. However, Haku’s feet were light, and he easily sidestepped the charge of the wolf.

With a smile, Haku blasted the wolf with the light, knocking it over on its side. The wolf staggered back to its paws, panting heavily. It lunged for Haku once again.

A sudden flash filled the battlefield.

When everyone’s vision returned, Haku stood triumphantly over the dead body of the alpha wolf, planting the libcord flag in the clearing.

LinkSong 5

“We can’t just leave The United Vex Imperium’s body here…” Chimes sighed, kneeling down besides The United Vex Imperium’s body. FiHami flew over, landing on Chimes’s shoulder to get a better look.

Haku scooped The United Vex Imperium’s dead body into his arms, throwing him into one of the rafts that brought the crew here.
“Go find some sticks.” Haku commanded. Vincent Drake ran into the woods, grabbing as much firewood as he could carry. [nation]Haku[nation] would only sigh, putting on a falconer’s glove.

“None of us have bows and arrows, so you will serve as our flaming arrows, FiHami.”

FiHami nodded, spreading her wings and flying up to land on the glove. Vincent Drake ran back, throwing the firewood into the boat. Pyrohy stepped forward, launching the raft into the deep waters. Once the raft was sufficiently far away, Haku threw his arm out, sending FiHami to fly after the raft. She burst into bright flame, streaking across the lake like a meteor, landing in the raft. The raft quickly roared to life, illuminating the lake. FiHami returned, this time landing on South asian’s shoulder, looking out to the lake, as all the other defenders did, silently reflecting on the memory of their fallen companion.

A figure from the waters emerged, glowing faintly from the warmth of the fires. The United Vex Imperium stepped onto dry land, as if nothing had happened. All the defenders gathered around their revived friend as the moon continued its journey across the sky.

“Come on everyone, we cannot sit back for long, we must stay sharp.” Haku was the first to step away. “We don’t know where the darkspawn will strike next.”


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