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Sonindian Embassy Policy

Before applying your request please read this dispatch to see if your region is eligible. Also please bear in mind that we are very selective in establishing diplomatic relations, so meeting the requirements alone will not guarantee that your request will be accepted. Once you submit your request it will be assessed and voted on by members of the government.

❌ As a democratic, defender region,
Sonindia will not establish embassies with:
raiders, authoritarian regions such as those that lack fair elections and those that promote Fascism and Communism. (even if it's only for role playing purposes). Meme/Anime related regions will be rejected as well.
  • Requirements:

      1. Your region must have a minimum of 100 members and 75 WA members.

      2. Your region must have been founded at least 6 months before the date of your request.

      3. The regional power must be evaluated as at least high.


    It is worth noting that exceptions could be made in particular cases if the government decides to do so.
    If your region meets our standards please feel free to submit your request by proposing a construction of embassies with us on NationStates. We will try to review your request as soon as possible and decide accordingly.

    Thank you for your interest in having diplomatic relations with Sonindia!



    Kesi Xina Minzu, Founder
    Gerdon Laughis, Prime Minister
    Sorentia, WA Delegate
    Grand Termina, Head of Parliament

    --Penned by Sorentia
    --Edited by Gerdon Laughis, Nagatar Karumuttu Chettiar--------

    --Posted by Sonindia