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About the Local Council

What is The Local Council?

The Local Council is the gameside Local Government of the South Pacific region. This is laid out in Article V of the LinkCharter of the Coalition of the South Pacific, our region's supreme constitutional law.


Establishing home rule for the in-game region residents.

(1) The Local Council will be the local government of the in-game community, composed of three or more residents of the South Pacific, and will represent the interests of all players in the region, moderate the Regional Message Board, encourage activity on the gameside, and administrate itself on issues unique to the in-game community.

(2) The Local Council is entitled to self-administration within its jurisdiction on local issues, but may not pass laws or regulations that contradict this Charter or constitutional laws. To that end, the Assembly may not enact any law, nor the Cabinet deliver any directive, that is solely related to an issue local to the in-game community.

(3) The Local Council may not be denied the authority to run regional polls, create and pin Dispatches, and to suppress messages on the Regional Message Board according to a standard moderation policy. However, it may not alter the regional flags or tags, and may not send out mass telegrams, without the approval of the Delegate.

(4) To help promote inter-governmental relations, the Local Council may send a representative to the Assembly whose term must not exceed the Local Council’s. The method of selection will be decided by the Local Council.

What does the Local Council do?

The Local Council has never had a rigorously defined role, but their purpose, in general, is to represent TSP's gameside community. The Linkinitial plan was for Councillors to make decisions on things such as spam, polls, telegrams, etc., while also working with the MoRA to promote gameside activity. It's worth bearing in mind that this was during a time before Regional Officers - essentially the Delegate was the only person who had any control gameside, so the Local Council could have no real power.

Since then, the game has changed (with Regional Officers now being a thing, the Local Council actually has the power to make polls/suppress posts etc. by themselves), but the spirit of the Local Council hasn't. It still exists as a way to help include the gameside members of TSP in the running of the region, and in regional activity.

In the past, the political aspect of the Local Council has predominantly been communicating between forumside and gameside: promoting gameside interests on the forums, and letting the gameside know what was happening on the forums. At one point, the Local Council had a block vote, worth 1/6 of the total vote, that it could cast in any forumside legislative vote as a representation of the gameside. However, the current system is for the SCRO to decide its own laws independently of the forums, while not having any say in the forumside legislation which doesn't affect gameside. Should the forumside of The South Pacific pass a law that affects gameside, the Chair of the Assembly shall call for a regional poll for approval of the law.

The full list of Local Council regional powers is as follows:

  • Appearance - can change the WFE, the flag, the pinned dispatches, and the region's tags

  • Communications - can send region-wide telegrams, change the welcome telegram, and change who can send recruitment telegrams for TSP

  • Polls - can make gameside polls

It's worth noting that while the Local Council has these powers, some of them (such as changing the welcome TG, the regional flag, or regional tags) cannot legally be used without permission from the Delegate.

Who is the Local Council?

Your current Local Council is Curlyhoward, Trivalve and The free romanians.

Since 2015, thirty-eight different players have served on the TSP Local Council. Since 2022, five different players have served on the TSP Deputy Council.