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by The Republican State of Dominioan. . 481 reads.

OOC: Its-a Me

Use your imagination.

Also Known As: Look above n00b
Title, Pronouns: He/Him/Idiot
Occupation: Student
Nationality: American

Ethnicity: South Asian
DoB: Im not telling you that -_-
Age: Bruh
Gender: Male
Blood Type: I know this?
Siblings: 1

Ideology: Vague Centre-Left.
Political Wing: Left

Why do you even care?

Likes: Video Games, Reading, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, German, Indian Food, Social Democracy, OOOOOOKLAHOMA WHERE THE WIND COMES ROLLIN DOWN THE PLAIN, Biking, NationStates,
Dislikes: Communism, Socializing, South Carolina, USA School System, Bullying, Mexican Food
Hobbies: Video Games, Flag Making, NS, Reading, Eating, Biking

Hello! Im a faceless stranger on the internet, but you can call me Dominioan (or Dom for short). Im a scrawny non-social student who is trapped living in the USA. If you're reading this, i assume you want to know more about me, so I guess yay? Also, this nation doesn't represent my irl views, if you couldn't tell. Currently an aspiring German speaker! I really like Indian food, especially Samosas. I like playing video games, it's basically all I do at this point, and I also like biking. Im not sure what else to put here.

Ideology & Politics

Pro: Social Democracy, Democracy, Left Wing, Kittens, Puppies, Diversity, LGBT+Q Rights, Gender Equality, Reformism, Environment Over Production, Liberalism, Lib-left, Unions, Workers Councils, Progressivism, Science, Freedom of Religions, Separation of Church and State
Neutral Democratic Socialism, Revolution, Auth-Left, Libertarianism, Lib-Right, Accelerationism, Traditions, Anarchism
Anti: Today’s Capitalism, Huge Corporations, Conservatism, Homophobia and Heterophobia, Radical Trans Activism, Feminism (its not equality), Auth Right, Right Wing, DeAcellerationism, Theocracy, Corrupt Representative Democracy, Authoritarianism

Explanations: Social Democracy gives the people the best voice and the best economy, and Democracy is the best system we have had. Let me ask you, if you believe in a strong central government over "corrupt liberals duuuh", then what if your authoritarian leaders are corrupt and just want to stay in power huh? Science is the answer to all our questions (not saying I don't have a spiritual side), and church should not have any influence in politics.

I Support: LGBT+Q rights (Straight Ally whoo!), Gender Equality, Social Democracy with Socialist elements, Universal Healthcare

Trivia & Facts

Current Favourite Song: LinkThis
Favourite Foods: Samosas, Tuckers Clucker, Fries, Turkey and Cheese Sandwich
Favourite Beverages: Sprite, Tea, Milk
Favourite Bands: Hmmm...idk
Favourite Book Series: Harry Potter =P
Favourite Video Games: Fire Emblem, Among Us, Just Shapes and Beats, NS, Hollow Knight
Favourite VG Genres: FPS, TPS, JRPG

Yep, it all seems correct. I would be more progrezzive though.

I thought it was going to be social democracy, but democratic socialism is fine. I can see the benefits of private industry.

It all makes sense. Except neutral, that is wrong. I should be left/left leaning in my opinion.

It all makes sense really, except environmentalism and communism should have a bit more. I answered neutral on a lot of things lol.

Yes-ish. I would be more on the market side (8values basically), and more freedom.

Thats right, mostly. I would be a bit less liberal though.

Well yeah, but this is one of those bad tests, so its not the most reliable. In fact, none of them are, but this one is lower.

LinkClick Here
Now this i can get behind. Besides being more regulation, its all pretty correct.

It actually said centrism, but i think this can be social democracy. Its a bit to far left for centrism -_-

Its kinda complicated, but in the bottom leftish it shows me. This shows what my ideal nation would sorta look like. And it has a budget surplus!

AAAAAAH COME ON! A single square to the right and it would have been basically perfect!

Correct on everything, except liberation vs control. The split should be reversed.


Is this perfect?! Well, almost. Ecology should have a liiiiiitle bit more imo, and regulation should get all the neutral space in between it and laissez-faire.

Yep. Maybe a bit more markets and nation, and I think this is great.

Switch the security and the liberty. Make it basically equal to the 8values one. Then it is perfecto.

How the hell did I get market anarchism??!! But the results seem fine, just less unionist and ecological.

Increase constitution and acceleration and its okay.

I never liked 8dreams. But the results are pretty accurate, though Kakistocracy is not good.

MMMMM YES I love these results! They seem very accurate to me, just less progress.

Alright. I like the economic, but the social axis is soooooo wrong. I am not that liberal o_o

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