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Application Forms


All application forms can be found below, and should be copy-pasted into a factbook and filled out. These must be placed in a factbook, and all Nation Applications must be preserved, unedited, following approval.

For new players, the nation application should be utilized. For those wishing to expand their claim, the expansion application should be used, and for those wishing to bring a puppet to the region to serve as a rebel group within their country, or something to the same effect, the rebel application should be utilized.

Following the completion of any application, a link to the factbook that contains the application should be sent either via telegram to Geopolity Customs for processing, AND/OR may be submitted to the #applications tab on our LinkRegional Discord Channel. Requests for rectifications may be made before you are accepted.

Please allow at least 24 hours for a response. Please note as well that if you apply via Discord that the process will be much quicker than if it is submitted by telegram. Should you ever take significant issue with the review of your application, you may send telegram/Discord DM with your complaints to Labyrnna, Imperial Eagle or any of the RP Coordinators. Response times may vary. This should be reserved for complaints with regards to conduct of the review, not to what rectifications are required.

When your application has been accepted, a notice will be posted on the Regional Message Board. Until said notice is posted, new members are not permitted to post on the Regional Message Board or conduct RP. All posts will be suppressed, and all RP will be invalidated.


  • Submission of an application is considered verification that an applicant has read the Geopolity regional rules, and the contents of this factbook, and understand them thoroughly.

  • Land claims should be kept reasonable in size, and ought to hew very closely to the real life conditions of the land being claimed.
    Changes to population and GDP will be permitted only marginally, and not at all for wealthier, more populous states. Wikipedia is recommended for largely up to date information on GDP and Population statistics, and in the case of disagreement, will be considered the most valid reference. Should an administrative division be lacking economic statistics one may utilize the GDP per capita of the nation to which it belongs, and multiply that by the population of said administrative division to ascertain its GDP.

  • This region does not use NS Stats in any way, shape or form.

  • Land claims that are varied in scope (taking lots of different bits of modern day states) may be rejected without sufficient reasoning for such a claim fleshed out in the history. Significant displacements of ethno-cultural groups is largely not permitted.

  • With regards to nation names, it is all but required that you utilize your NationStates account name. The administration reserves the right to reject an application if that name should be silly, or otherwise unfit for a nations name.

  • You MUST be an accepted member of the NationStates World Assembly to apply to the region, and this membership must be maintained over the entirety of one’s stay as a RP member of the region. You will be given a single warning upon submission of an application, and there will be no follow-up until WA membership has been achieved. Should you lose WA membership following your acceptance, for any reason, you will be removed from regional Roleplay.

  • Land Claim expansions should not be considered within your first year of regional membership, and will only seldom be granted. They will be minimal in size and scope, and should be utilized for purposes of story, not as a land-grab. Reliance on such expansions for RP is strongly discouraged, as they will be few and far between. When granted, use of puppets to represent the land being acquired will likely be permitted.

  • Rebel applications should be used sparingly, and may be rejected if the administration feels they are unnecessary to accomplish what is desired. Please note that these rebel groups are 100% internal, and cannot be utilized in other nations without said nations permission, nor can they be used for land claim expansions.

  • Should you be removed from RP for any reason you must submit a new application, following all guidelines presented here.

Geopolity is a Roleplay region steeped in a long history of modern day roleplaying. We refer you to the Regional Message Board (RMB) for examples of such roleplay. Should you have any questions, we encourage you to pose them on the LinkRegional Discord Channel, and while joining the Discord is not mandatory, it is heavily encouraged.

Please remove all content placed between parenthesis before submitting your application. Do not remove any of the BBCode ([b][/b]).

[b][u]Nation Application[/u][/b]

[b]NS Account Name/Nation Name:[/b]

[b]Head of State:[/b] (Names of notable RL figures will be rejected)

[b]Head of Government:[/b] 

[b]Claims:[/b] (Please include both a list of countries/administrative divisions being claimed, and a map indicated such area’s clearly.)

[b]Capital City:[/b] (If its name is fictitious, please state the RL city it replaces. It will be of the same size and design.

[b]Preferred Map Color:[/b] (Optionally, include hex code)

[b]Population:[/b] (Total for entire nation, including citizens and non-citizens. Must be based on RL statistics)

[b]GDP (Nominal):[/b] (The nominal GDP of all constituents of your land claim. Must be based on RL statistics)

[b]Description of Economy:[/b] (Major imports/exports and industries. Type of economy, i.e. Free Market, Centrally Planned, etc)

[b]Description of Government:[/b] (Briefly describe your nation's government and how it functions)

[b]Description of Military:[/b] (Please state the size of your active forces (recommended 0.4% of population, x0.004), reserve forces (kept reasonable), the nationality of your military equipment (ex. Soviet), and its era (ex. Late Cold War). These must all be kept reasonable, and moderate in scope. Please note the nationality of one’s military equipment is a statement of the arsenal such nation has access to - Turkish military equipment would imply any equipment the Turkish military uses in the specified era, you may utilize, whether it be made in Europe, the US, etc. Further, please state if your nation has any aircraft carriers, how many, and their class. These will be heavily restricted to those with need for such equipment. No custom military equipment is permitted. No nuclear weapons are permitted upon acceptance.)

[b]History:[/b] (Please provide a brief (2-5 paragraph) description of your nations history. Please note major, recent events are assumed to have happened largely as they did in real life, such as the World War’s. Should you mention any RP nation besides your own you [i]must[/i] have their permission to do such. Sometimes, things are better left vague, i.e. ‘European’ colonizers instead of ‘British’.)

[b]Other Notes:[/b] (Any other notes with relation to your nation. May be left blank).

Please remove all content placed between parenthesis before submitting your application. Do not remove any of the BBCode ([b][/b]).

[u][b]Expansion Application[/b][/u]

[b]NS Name:[/b] 

[b]New Claim:[/b] (Please include both a list of countries/administrative divisions being claimed, and a map indicated such area’s clearly.)

[b]Population:[/b] (The population of the land being claimed)

[b]GDP (Nominal):[/b] (The GDP (Nominal) of the land being claimed)

[b]Method of Annexation:[/b] (Please describe briefly how this land will be acquired.)

[b]Military Used:[/b] (If your military should be used to take this land, please list the forces being used here.)

[b]Valid Reason for Expansion:[/b] (Please include the RP background to your annexation of this territory). 

Please remove all content placed between parenthesis before submitting your application. Do not remove any of the BBCode ([b][/b]).

[u][b]Puppet Application[/b][/u]

[b]Organization Name:[/b] (Must be NationStates name of the puppet being used)

[b]Areas of Operation:[/b] (Must be within your own nation and/or those of other members who have given their permission.)

[b]Group Ideology:[/b] (The reason for this groups existence.)

[b]Membership Size:[/b] (How many members does this group have? May be left blank if it is not an armed group. If it is an armed group, this is how many ‘soldiers’ it includes within its ranks.)

[b]Resources:[/b] (The military equipment this group has access to, if any. This includes nationality and era, and explanation may be required if it is not generally reasonable to have.)

[b]Other Information:[/b] (Other information pertaining to this rebel group. May be left blank).