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DOGE CHRISTIAN SAAVEDRA | Most Serene Republic of Montevento



Governo della
Serenissima Repubblica

Government of the Most Serene Republic of Montevento


His Serenity
Christian Saavedra


Christian Saavedra in 2019

Currently in office

In office since December 7, 2019

Preceded by: Guido Rulli (Partito Rosso)
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November 17, 1986.
Nuova Firenze, Montevento



Political Party

Partito Nazionale di
Montevento (since 2005)


Elisa Tirabassi (m. 2017)

Alma Mater

Universitą Pubblica di
(Degree in Economics)




Christian Sergio Saavedra Schwarz (Nuova Firenze, November 17, 1986) is a Monteventani economist and politician belonging to the Partito Nazionale di Montevento (PNM) who has been the Doge of the Most Serene Republic of Montevento since December of 2019, after winning the second round of the 2019 National Elections with the 52% of the valid votes against the 48% of his rival from the Nuova Unione Alternativa, Emiliano Addeo.

Born in the city of Nuova Firenze, in the Province of Fiume D'Oro, Saavedra studied economics at the Universitą Pubblica di Montevento (UPM - Public University of Montevento) becoming a rather successful accountant, later completing a master's degree in economics and graduating from the Scuola Nazionale di Pubbliche Relazioni (National School of Public Relations) in 2004. He worked as head manager of a prestigious enterprise until 2009, when he decided to retire from managing his business to devote himself to full-time politics as a member of the Partito Nazionale di Montevento.

Saavedra is the son of an Austrian-born immigrant named Sophia Schwarz, who arrived in Montevento in 1967 and years later met Marcos Saavedra a wealthy immigrant from Galicia, in Spain. She eventually married Marcos and settled in Nuova Firenze, where the couple had 3 children: Elizabeth, Giuseppe and Christian, who is the youngest of them all.

Christian Saavedra is one of the youngest people to occupy the position of Doge in the history of Montevento, after beginning his term being only 33 years old. He is also the first Doge to possess a different ancestry other than Italian and the first person to win the elections for the Partito Nazionale di Montevento after more than 100 years. Though initially behind in opinion polls, Saavedra managed to finish second in the first round of the National Elections with almost 25% of the votes, far behind Emiliano Addeo with 40%. Nonetheless, Christian managed to gain the support of almost all the other political parties of Montevento, gaining enough votes to achieve an unexpected victory.

⠀⠀◆⠀ Personal Life

Saavedra has a rather reserved personality, but enjoys listening to other people having conversations, preffering to give input only when he believes it's useful or necessary. He is well known for having the ability to keep his emotions for himself and not being easily provoked, thing that made him very good at leading diplomatic talks with foreign representatives.

He is also a pianist, having studied piano for ten years during his youth, and especially enjoys the work of Schumann, Liszt and Beethoven. Saavedra also skis, plays tennis and enjoys football. In addition to his native Italian, Saavedra also speaks fluent English and a little of German due to his mother's nationality.

Saavedra is married to Elisa Tirabassi, a woman from the province of Fiume D'Oro who he met while studying at the Public University of Montevento. She is 38 years old and, like Saavedra, has a degree on economics. They married in 2017, two years prior to Saavedra's election to the dogeship of the Republic. After his husband became the Doge of Montevento, Elisa became the first lady of the Republic, performing several ceremonial activities in the name of the Republic, such as receiving foreign head of states, inaugurating government buildings and participating in multiple humanitarian organisations.

The couple has two children, Paola Saavedra, who is five years old, and Fabrizio Saavedra, who is seven years old.

⠀⠀◆⠀ Political Career

Saavedra speaking at the National
Council in 2017
Christian began his political career at the young age of 17, when he started attending to the weekly meetings of the Partito Nazionale di Montevento to listen to the speeches of the politicians of that time. However, it was not until the age of 20 that he became more actively involved with the political party.

The 2006 elections were especially important for him and for all of Montevento, as the Left-wing party of Nuova Unione Alternativa (NUA) had great chances of winning, ending more than 17 years of center-right governments in Montevento. Saavedra began to debate fervently against some of the most extremist ideas of Veronica Greco, NUA's candidate at the time, who still managed to win the elections. Saavedra caught everyone's attention within the Partito Nazionale di Montevento due to his very strong arguments and his great ability to debate and to convince people. In addition, Saavedra was one of the only figures of the PNM which actually recognized and supported some of the ideas of the opposing NUA, such as the Uno/Un program, which he helped to create.

By the next elections of 2010, Saavedra had already become one of the most beloved and well-known characters of the Partito Nazionale di Montevento, presenting himself as a candidate for a position in the National Council, which he won comfortably. He also competed for the same position again, and won, in the 2014 and 2018 elections, becoming one of the most known Councillors of the National Council.

After the resignation of Doge Guido Rulli in 2019, he was nominated as a candidate for the position of Doge by the Partito Nazionale di Montevento, achieving a historic and unexpected victory. Among his campaign promises, Saavedra promised to open new markets for Montevento, increase subsidies for both national and international industries and improve the state's educational services.


Citizens celebrating PNM's victory
⠀⠀◆⠀ 2019 National Elections

The 2019 general election saw the Partito Nazionale di Montevento gaining 27 more seats in the National Council than the number they held prior to the elections while, support for the Partito Rosso (PR) and the Partito Verde (PV) collapsed. In addition, Saavedra narrowly beaten PR's candidate Mario Giovanetti, becoming the second most voted candidate in the election, and earning the right to dispute the second round of the elections against the Nuova Unione Alternativa.

The same night when the results of the first round were announced, Saavedra met with the candidates of the Partito Rosso and the Partito Verde to reach an agreement to secure the support of both parties, both to form a government coalition in the National Council, and to try to win the Dogeship of the Republic during the second round of voting. The creation of the Coalizione Multicolore was announced just two days after said meeting, made up of the Partito Nazionale, the Partito Rosso and the Partito Verde. In addition, the Movimento Diretto also announced its support for Saavedra's candidacy, but clarified that they would not be part of the governing coalition.

After much expectation from his supporters, Saavedra obtained 52.31% of the valid votes during the second round of voting, thus becoming the Doge of Montevento. His first decision once known that he had won the elections was to appoint Mario Giovanetti as First Councilor of the National Council, in return for the support provided during his campaign. He was inaugurated as Doge on December 7, 2019, refusing to invite different political leaders from non-democratic countries to the inauguration ceremony.

⠀⠀◆⠀ Foreign Affairs & Globalization

Saavedra during the negotiations of the
EU-Montevento agreements

During his government, Saavedra prioritized the inclusion of Montevento in different international organizations and has continued the long tradition maintained by Montevento of remaining as neutral as possible. However, Saavedra has shown himself to be a strong defender of democracy, as evidenced in events such as the non-invitation of leaders of undemocratic regimes to his inauguration ceremony. He affirmed that Montevento should become more involved in the international scene and intervene constructively, especially in those events that involve the South American region. In addition, he considers that Montevento should seek strong diplomatic relations with various European countries with which the country maintains strong cultural ties, in order to achieve greater cooperation for the common good of the peoples of the world.

Saavedra is open to negotiating agreements with other countries that have an ideology different from that of Montevento, as long as there are guarantees that the fundamental rights of human beings and the ability of people to exercise their voice are respected. During his government, numerous agreements have been signed with various countries and organizations, including Medoynia, Aressna and the European Union. He has also nominated Mr. Marco Kreizler as Secretary-General of the United Forum of Nations, who eventually managed to become the organization's first Sec-Gen for the period 2019-2020.

On repeated occasions, he has been favorable to the idea of ​​creating an organization for the integration of the countries of South America, in order to achieve greater cooperation between them and promote a coordinated development of the continent.

⠀⠀◆⠀ Social Policies

Houses built thanks to Saavedra's
"Alloggio Per Tutti" plan

Regarding issues such as homosexual marriage and the right to adoption for both same-sex couples and single mothers or fathers, Saavedra has expressed that he is completely in favor of both issues. This, however, has generated some controversy within his party, since its opinion is divided between members who support these ideas, and members who do not. He expressed that he could not "please" those who were against him regarding his position on homosexual rights and adoption, since he has to support his own ideas. In discussing these issues with people who oppose them he expressed: "There is probably little room for agreement between us. I hope there is enough room on other issues for them to consider voting for me, but I'm not going to negotiate these points."

Regarding abortion, Saavedra has been against the idea of ​​decriminalizing it, citing that the Monteventani constitution guarantees the right to life from its conception. However, he has been in favor of maintaining, and even making more flexible, the occasions in which it is legal, such as when the mother's life is put at risk or when the pregnancy is the product of rape. Instead, he proposes increasing social benefits to pregnant women to allow them to go through their pregnancy more comfortably, and then give the baby up for adoption if they do not want to keep it, for which, he has started a process to facilitate and make the processes of adoption more efficient in the country.

Saavedra believes in equal conditions for both men and women, but is fervently opposed to the establishment of policies such as the creation of exclusive quotas in jobs or in politics for women, since he considers that it would be "treating only one symptom of the problem and not its roots." He has also stated that "My cabinet will not necessarily be made up of an equal number of men and women. I consider that gender does not entitle someone to a position, but abilities and virtues do." His government has made several efforts to implement educative reforms that emphasize equality and the rights of women, as well as other minorities in the country.

He is not in favor of the decriminalization of drugs such as Marijuana for recreational consumption, but he is in favor, and has tried to promote through various reforms and subsidies the production of it for medicinal purposes, stating that Montevento "could become a great exporter of medical marijuana in the world."

Saavedra's administration has also been characterized by giving great importance to housing. According to him "everyone should have access to decent housing" so as part of his efforts to make this a reality, he has promoted and created the "Alloggio per Tutti" plan, financed by the collaboration of private companies and the sale disused state properties. The plan aims to build houses in the most deprived areas of Montevento, especially on the country's border with Brazil, and to give them free of charge to workers and people who are actively trying to improve their economic situation.

⠀⠀◆⠀ Religion

A helicopter part of Saavedra's PPA

Saavedra is regarded as one of the only openly recognized atheist heads of state in South America. On repeated occasions he has raised his strong discrepancies with the dogmas of the Christian church, especially with the position of the church on issues such as homosexual marriage and the roles of women. Regarding the incidence of religion in the State, he considered: "Although private beliefs have to be valued and respected, they are fundamentally alien to public service, and should stay out of the legislation of a nation."

When asked about his religious beliefs, he has answered: "I have no religion, but I admire nature."

⠀⠀◆⠀ Environment

Saavedra has committed himself to maintaining the environmental protectionist policies promoted by the previous Monteventani governments. During his administration, the "Piano di Protezione Antincendio" (PPA) was created for the protection of the Montevento's forests, providing extra protection against possible forest fires in the rainforest that covers most of the country's territory.

The PPA was created in coordination and cooperation with more than 100 private companies from different areas related to forests, having a shared financing regime between these companies and the Monteventani state. Under the provisions of the PPA, it is possible to monitor a total of 35 million hectares, through the deployment of personnel throughout the national territory, stationed in towers, or flying in airplanes that travel the country up to three times a day in search of fires. In addition, a total of 10 bases have been arranged in strategic locations from where fire brigades and helicopters can be deployed, with the possibility of reaching any point protected by the PPA in less than 45 minutes.

During his political campaign, he also promised that he would set the goal of starting to work so that 100% of Montevento's energy production comes from renewable sources by 2035. Since then, the construction of wind farms has begun in various parts of the nation, as well as the installation of solar parks in the Province of Essequibo to fully supply small towns. Currently, 72% of the energy generated in Montevento comes from renewable sources, most of them hydraulic, although the advance of wind energy is very strong. In 2020, Christian Saavedra's administration managed to increase the total amount of renewable energy produced in the country by 9% compared to the total for 2019.

He also proposed the creation of an Animal Welfare Committee, focused on the protection of Monteventani biodiversity.


Arms as Knight of the Order of the Lily
As Doge of the Republic, Christian Saavedra receives the honorific style of "His Serenity", in addition to a long list of different recognitions and honours awarded by Montevento. He is also the "Grand Master of the Monteventani Honorific Orders", being the source of all honours from the Most Serene Republic of Montevento until his tenure as Doge ends.

Membership in Orders of Merit:

  • Grand Master of the Order of the Serene Republic (2019 - Present) (Montevento)

  • Grand Master (2019 - Present) and Knight Grand Cross with Collar of the Order of the Lily (Montevento)

  • Grand Master (2019 - Present) and Commander of the Order of Educational and Cultural Merit (Montevento)

  • Grand Master of the Order of the Star of Bravery (2019 - Present) (Montevento)

Medals received:

  • Gold Medal of the National Council (3 times) (2010, 2014, 2018) (Montevento)

  • National Council Merit Medal (2017) (Montevento)

  • Medal of Merit for Labour (2009) (Montevento)

Other honours:


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