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SC-32 Husky




The SC-32 Husky was designed from the bottom up as a carrier borne aircraft. It's primary function is to shuttle cargo to and from aircraft carriers at sea.

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SC-32 Husky



National Origin:

Serpens Land


Wilcox-Aeyers Aerospace

First Flight:

October 6, 2010


May 21, 2020


In Service

Primary User:

Royal Serpens Land Navy


2015 - Present

Number Built:

10 (as of 2020)

Unit Cost:

US$40 Million

The Wilcox-Aeyers SC-32 Husky is a Serpens Land twin engine, high winged, transport aircraft designed by Wilcox-Aeyers Aerospace. It is designed to carry cargo to and from aircraft carriers. It is also equipped to carry up to 30 passengers or 12 stretchers. The aircraft's main role is to transport cargo, mail, and passengers between aircraft carriers and shore bases, and can also deliver cargo like jet engines, food and special stores.

The need for a carrier transport aircraft began when the Royal Serpens Land Navy began developing HSLMS St. George - a new aircraft carrier for their fleet. In 2010, the same year the HSLMS St. George's keel was laid, the SC-32 Husky made it's first flight.

Inside the cargo bay, set up for carrying passengers

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>> Specifications

General characteristics

  • Crew: 2 flight crew + 2 loadmasters

  • Capacity: 30 passengers / 12 stretchers / 4,500 kg payload

  • Length: 18.10 m

  • Wingspan: 24.56 m

  • Height: 5.5 m

  • Wing area: 65 m2

  • Empty weight: 15,300 kg

  • Max takeoff weight: 27,200 kg

  • Powerplant: 2 Rolls-Royce AE 2100, 4,637 shp (3,458 kW) each


  • Maximum speed: 350 knots

  • Cruise speed: 250 knots

  • Stall speed: 81 knots

  • Range: 2,500 km

  • Service ceiling: 10,500 m

  • Rate of climb: 20 m/s

  • Wing loading: 383 kg/m2

>> Operators

Serpens Land

  • Royal Serpens Land Navy


  • Republiek Van Rookanse Navy

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