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Publication Four, August 18, 2020

Today both Custom's Minister Florentine Palace, and Capitalismtime, Deputy Customs Minister resigned just hours apart of each other. Capitalismtime resigned because RL is keeping them busy now, but assured WZAF they will check in periodically. Florentine Palace resigned due to having a disagreement with several Council members. We do not have all the details, but the Premier released a statement, "Both of these leaders were assets to my cabinet, and I appreciate their service to the region, and the Warzone Community. I wish both of them a very special good luck with their future endeavors!" The post will be covering more on this story in our next publication so stay tuned for more news!

Constitutional Amendment Stirs Up Debates

During his first couple of months in office Pharaoh Crystal did not for see a constitutional change right away. Just recently Crystal released a Constitutional Amendment that calls for a big shift in the executive branch, and creating a Judcial System as well. Native Chief Pharoahs Haven cited this proposal destroys the very fact of Democracy that DPRWA is built upon. The Premier cited this would create a much needed opportunity to build the region in a new, fair, and balanced way. While there hasn't been to much official movement, we can cite this will be floating around the Council chambers for a good awhile. Below is the link to the proposed amendment. Stay tuned for the development of this story. nation=pharaoh_crystal/detail=factbook/id=main

Council Debates On WZINC

Just recently Native Chief Pharoahs Haven asked the Native Council to debate the future on how to better negotiate the deal. The recent proposal was denied by the Council. It will be a 36 hour debate session before going on from there. It is expected we could know something by the end of the week. This negotiation has been going on before the current Premier took office. Some natives are even comparing this to the RL Brexit deal. The Premier stated "It is very special for our Native Council to debate on this topic. We've been working hard on this deal, but negotiations haven't went as planned. We will evaluate what is best for WZAF, the WZ Community, and our Natives input will have great influence as well." The deal was also offered to [region]Warzone Asia[/nation]. We will have more on this story. This publication was very short, but please check out our other publications below!! Until then stay classy WZAF

Publication Three, July 20, 2020

Capitalismtime Shifting Ministries

Just a few days after the election, the Premier announced a few changes to the cabinet. It is being reported that out going Minister of Foreign Affairs is being relieved of their post once the Premier nominates a replacement. It's being said Capitalism will be moving to the newly formed Immigration Ministry once their replacement is officially in office. Until then it is expected they will now fill the office in an acting capacity going forward. The Premier released this statement, "The decision was not a light at all. In efforts to strengthen our immigration policy, Capitalismtime will be a part of history for WZAF, and will continue to serve in an acting capacity until I can find an official replacement. I thank them for their service, and we will continue to mentor them to become a veteran native here in WZAF." There has been no official word who will be their replacement.

Pharoahs Haven Wins Reelection

This past week Native Chief Elections concluded with Pharoahs Haven winning reelection soundly. They were the only candidate to run. Haven's has been serving in this position since 2017 respectfully. Many long time Natives have stated that this is the most optimistic they have felt in a long time in the region citing they feel there is a stability in the offices of Premier, and Native Chief offices respectfully. The next Native Chief Elections are scheduled for October 12-15. This was also the first election to use the Google forms setup instead of a regional poll. It appears this is what the Crystal administration will use for elections going forward. Good luck to our Native Chief for the next 3 months.

Tougher Immigration in WZAF??

The biggest concern that the natives brought up in this election was the weak policy on Immigration set by the Crystal administration. Many natives voiced their concerns at the polls stating they wanted to see more to be done by the administration to address it. The Premier responded by creating the Ministry of Immigration head by Minister Florentine Palace. The Premier stated, "I have read the natives frustrations, and concerns. We will enforce a much more strict immigration policy, and the MoI will have full oversight to focus on enforcing our Endo cap, conducting citizenship audits, and kick out nation's who are believed to be a threat to our region." It appears the shift from FA to immigration security has been conducted by this administration. It was also announced the Security Officers will fall under the Ministry of Immigration. For more on the story please wait for the next publication.

WZ INC Deal Safe On WZAF

Over the last couple of publication's, and Premiership's, WZ INC agreement has been a questionable agreement for the natives, WAZF government, and Lazarus government. 50 days into office, the Premier officially endorsed the deal saying it was a necessity for WZAF moving forward. Many natives have wondered how long this administration would sit on the decision. It appears Crystal intends to build off the agreement saying he hopes Lazarus Prime Minister, Kingdom of Napels will incorporate more WZ, and Lazarus events. At this time we don't have to many details on this going forward.

Foreign Affairs Launching New Ambassadorship Program

While the Foreign Affairs Ministry will be missing it's too boss for awhile, the Premier blessed off on launching WZAF's Ambassador Program. It has been sited his government approach is going to be built similar former Delegate of The East Pacific, Queen Yuno. While it is considered a little weird to be launching this program just hours stating you would release the MoFA from their duties is pretty bold. The Premier responded with this statement, "There are a lot of valuable things to take away from Yuno's government, and my time in South Pacific. This Ambassador Program worked beneficial in TEP, and SP. I expect it will work here. The new MoFA will be tasked with this on their first day in office." This will be crucial test for the Crystal administration.

Premier Calls On a 25% Worker Increase In The Ministries

This past week in his speech, the Premier called on all Ministers to increase the worker count by 25%. This seems to be the aggressive approach since taking office, and pulling more active people in. Some natives have praised this move siting this will be a good move going forward. This wraps up our third publication! Bringing you the best news across the WZs!! Stay tuned for our next publication!!

WZAF pulls out of Warzone Airspace

Breaking news from WZAI today. Native Chief Pharoahs Haven announced the occupation of rebuilding WZAI would no longer fall on the WZAF government. While this was a very split decision of the Native Council, the resolution passed originally. Several natives rejoiced to the decision of pulling citing they would like to see the government dedicate more efforts here at home than abroad at this time. There was no official comment from the Premier's office at this time.

Publication Two, June 21, 2020

WZAF Helps Out Airspace

This past week was a very split decision for the Native Council. Native Chief Pharoahs Haven proposed a bill that would involve Warzone Africa to provide military support to Warzone Airspace. The operation was approved, and Indo-Maylasia became the new Sky Lord. With the recent operation, Warzone Sandbox Delegate, and council member One Small Island ordered the military evacuation from WZAF declaring the region finally stable. The operation has been declared a success as Airspace natives are returning to their once crown jewel region.

Premier Gets His Cabinet

Premier Pharaoh Crystal finally has appointed a cabinet since taking office. The Premier released this statement, “Our region has grown amazingly over our time here in office. We need to get our Ministries established, and put together so we are training new members to eventually run this government. I feel it’s the first step to becoming a successful region like Warzone Sandbox.” The Minister’s are,

Congratulations to the new Minister’s of WZAF

WZAF, and Lazarus To The Bargaining Table

Premier Pharaoh Crystal is currently leading negotiations with Lazarus on improving the Warzone Inc agreement that was established a few months ago. Both sides sat down on Saturday/Sunday time frame to discuss what the next steps would be. The Premier had this statement “Lazarus is very good region, and has one of the most hospitable governments. I think with a right deal from both sides, we can really benefit from one another. I look forward to amending the agreement that will put both sides out ahead.” This has been a very hot topic under the former Premierships of JonesIsland, former acting Premier Pharoahs Haven, and now current Premier Pharaoh Crystal. The biggest challenge the Premier faces is getting a permanent agreement in place. The current agreement is up to the sitting Prime Minister if it stays in place or not. We will have more information in the next publication.

Native Chief Elections Could Be Entertaining

Native Chief elections are approaching very soon. Premier Pharaoh Crystal declared elections will be July 12 to July 15. Pharoahs Haven hasn’t officially declared for re-election, but it’s assumed he will run. The biggest question is will there be a suitable challenger this time around? With many new members on the Native Council, there could an interesting debate on how the next term could go depending on the challenger. While current polls project Pharoahs Haven to be a favorite to win again the election could shift depending on the campaigns. Below is our pre-election poll. It’s setup if voters were to vote today who would they select?

• Pharoah Haven 49%
• Seleyth 24%
• One Small Island 13%
• Capitalismtime 5%
• Vedan 5%
• JonesIsland 4%

This election could be a very interesting one depends on who runs. We will keep you posted! If you would like to write a story, RP story, or have information to post, please telegram this nation with you news!! We will run it in our next news cycle!

Publication One June 1, 2020.

A New Premier Is Chosen

On May 28, 2020, Native Chief, Pharoahs Haven met with candidate, Pharaoh Crystal about the position of Premier. Due to the Native Council being swapped around, and not available, it was decided Crystal would assume the role of Premier. He replaces former Premier JonesIsland who served during some of WZAF’s desperate times. Crystal is a founder, former raider, former defender, Antifa member, and has served in various government positions. His last position similar to this was the Delegacy of South Pacific. Crystal stated on taking office,
“ Dear Warzone Africa,
These next few days mark a new history for our incredible region. I come to WZAF with a new energy to build a home. To build a community that will be united, strong, and most importantly active! I come with a renewed energy to set our region to join the likes of Warzone Sandbox, and Warzone Asia! Instead our region will be the best because we are a unique region with a passionate community. I look forward to working with our other WZ Delegates into building a strong, and dependable alliance. I must warn you, there will be long days, happy days, and eventful days! Leading a Warzone is like living life on the edge! To achieve such a rare feat will take time, and energy! Most importantly it will take time, and dedication! I personally want to thank Indo 1, and I look forward to working with you. I know you will be a great Native Chief, and we will build this region into a place we are proud to call home! Thank you!”
Most WZ allies are static to see his rise as Premier. Only time will tell how he will do.

Warzone Inc Debate
The first big ticket item on the new Premier’s agenda is the possible Warzone Inc deal. The Warzone Inc deal is like a nonaggression pact between Lazarus, and a few of the WZ’s including WZAF. Currently the Premier is assessing the overall effectiveness of the deal, and is meeting with top officials to include Director of Public Relations for Lazarus, Domais. The Premier did issue a comment to the Gazette.
“My biggest priority here for this deal is to ensure the overall safety, and best interests for our region, and our fellow Warzone allies. I’ll assess the deal, and meet with Lazarus officials before giving my final thoughts on that.”
He did not say what the timeline would be for that. We will keep you posted in our next issue publication.

WZAF Gets A Makeover
Our region got a full makeover. Yesterday Premier, Pharaoh Crystal, installed a new WFE to accommodate his new style of leadership. It has been speculated the new government intends to change a few features, faces, and add some new nifty things to do.
On the Foreign Affairs side, the new Premier highlighted working more closely with the Warzones including Warzone Sandbox led by One Small Island. This could be very beneficial as of right now WZSB is the most prominent WZ. It is unclear what other policy changes will come down, but our region seems to be bursting with activity for now. If you have an article, please send it to this nation so we can publish it! We here try to bring you the most updated news as possible!! If you like it, give us an upvote please!