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First Edition Endobacon Awards

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First Edition Endobacon Awards
Celebrating PIG Participants

Welcome to the first ever Promoting Influence Growth awards dispatch. As promised in the PIG dispatches themselves this serves to reward those participants who have endorsed the Union's World Assembly Delegate. Additionally other awards have been included to reward those nations that have gone above and beyond what the PIG dispatches asked of them.

[background-block=#367524] [font=times new roman][center][size=125][color=white][u]Endobacon[/u][hr][/color][/size][/center][/font][/background-block]

A much sought after delicacy delivered by everyone's favourite pig, Hamlet, to those nations that have endorsed the region's Delegate.


Kantobliv Stateazar Druing Libate The german kaiserliche union Llanic North Plegia Red draconia Fortuna Union Mccarthany Medi and termino The Southeast Earth Krackovja Erycina Isansland Chinese alliances Sex panthers Nausta Corydo Coltick Saxemburg Australia Hungary Nova blazeville North waddon Berne-citadell Iver ffon Lacrimino Topia of eden Detiluja Prorescia New alsterdam Balaii Sheberger The florio alliance Tinnim Ozzie Linckao Katowi Zweibel Vriens United waffle Jebbias Lithuania v2 Aveline Criscitally Forktoon Anthinica Pepitopia Nuevo San Miguel Schmittlandia Nameisdanian Lyciam South Acadia Joakoland Firseria European states federation Zarabia Heheconvention Teiton Ryagria British Isles and Commonwealth Realms The kald lunchocin Waroklion Grand gondor Serbtexas Drawception Snoopz Homoliberterra Federal republic of america and the cari Kraino Elarom Nesav Jaklandia Lucidum United provinces of lontra East southwestern northernlands Mia-qu Consumer republic Hurtoradus The federated republic of enschede Gadsen republic Straits of est Royalistfrance Blurabling Gingitin Chad4437457345875353 Kingdom of Sacento Naasiat Nuna Jonny- The old colony Union of peace Langlea Dudastores Zeneste Ungoo Skyism Locatioria Davinmark Pytong Reformative Rhodesia Hippocampes Free republic of palm Vastronia Zenoth The great southern islands Pazaranion Voitania Multonia Olinalism Democratic Nation-State of the Imperium Hearthlandea Auxitania Neo-arctica Garzil Western utopias Second united states republic The confederat free people of qithradith Davikzia Mibunyan Sarares Of the grander crossroads Meckburgia Finkl Carecao Babar the elephant Dreaken Davgargrilin Westphalia ii Worglifiress Theedmark Cland dec Gloobing Amir2 Gregroria Empire of snagon v2 Greenstania Duckstan South weasley Democratic republic of kohland Singaporas Northern counties of england Kongers Golykin Union kons Odredlia Fren ronginland Lionelia Sunny bum Ninrook New gameria Rutvegas Manclut Dumb country Jdjdjd The Doge Clan Middle arinia

[background-block=#367524][font=times new roman][center][size=125][color=white] [u]Hamlet's Heroes[/u][hr][/color][/size][/center][/font][/background-block]

This prestigious award recognizes the endotarting efforts of Unionists. It is granted to any nation who has filled the endorsement feed with at least twenty consecutive endorsements given.


Grand gondor The federated republic of enschede Odredlia Prorescia Waroklion The german kaiserliche union Stateazar Druing North Plegia Topia of eden Democratic republic of kohland Duckstan Neo-arctica

Honorary Recipients

Granted to Kantobliv, British Isles and Commonwealth Realms and Firseria for having endorsed all WA members before requests.

The Office of UDS Dispatch Office