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Grand Duchy of Mitjevalia

The Grand Duchy of Mitjevalia (Mitjevalant: Cärl Dugat ve Mitjevālia) is a sovereign realm of the Sacred Medievalon Empire, in the planet of the same name (Medievalon). The empire was founded by Chivanian emigrants who fled planet Chivana searching for a new home where to live simple lives, free from the most advanced technologies and transhumanism. Medievalons prosper in feudal and aristocratic societies, as well as in free merchant city-states. Chivalrism is the main religion, based on the norms and precepts of the chivalric code.

Initially, Mitjevalia was the merchant republic city-state of Paladōuc, which thrived thanks to maritime trade. It became a duchy with the merging of Paladōuc and neighbour lands thanks to the efforts of the counts of Mitjons, who were elevated to the rank of dukes by emperor Wilhelm XII Fierybeard. The dukedom was ruled by the House of Mitjons until the extinction of its senior branch in 1535, when it was replaced by the tramontane House of Velons, who added the lineage's own lands to the realm. It was then that the duchy was elevated to a grand duchy. While not as internationally renowned as the former merchant city-state of Paladōuc, the grand duchy thrived under the Velons and it bore witness to unprecedented economic and military success under Cčsar I the Magnificent and his sons, until the reign of Ermina I, which saw the beginning of the state's long economic decline. It peaked again under Cčsar III.


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