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by The Ironically Self-Aware of 6ixDaze. . 192 reads.

Founderless - Unironically Refounded

Hello NationStates,

6ixDaze here. Many of you will know me by my main nation, Falconias. I first started playing NationStates in 2003, 17 years ago, and my activity levels started to dwindle in the middle of the 2010s before I eventually disappeared for good in 2015.

For the past 3 weeks, a few friends and I have been planning a revival of one of this fine game's most beloved & begrudged organizations, the Founderless Region Alliance.

However, we have no intentions of actually reviving the old organization in its past form; instead, we have carried on its spirit in a new form, a singular region unironically called FOUNDERLESS.

Founderless will carry on the mission of the old FRA, and aims to defeat the raiders that continue to wreak havoc across NationStates. We will also continue to be the social home of our old friends & family, with whom I've never really lost touch with. However, our new region will bear a completely different look & feel as well as completely new governance & structure.

We have completed our new Charter, have a Linklive Discord channel, and we are about 90% done our new website & forums which should be live by the beginning of next week.

We have filled 3 spots on our inaugural Board of Directors, besides myself:

If you too would like to get involved, we are seeking a qualified candidate for these roles on our inaugural Board of Directors, who would serve until January 2021, the anticipated date of our first full election:

  • Recruitment Director

  • Foreign Affairs Director

  • Communications Director

To our old friends, we would like to say hello, and hope you're well. To our old enemies, we would also like to say the same! To our new peers, friendly and hostile, we look forward to playing with you.

Cheers to all those that fight for the Founderless,

Executive Director