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The Labyrinth's History [WIP/Abandoned]

The Dark Ages:
When the region was founded. King Minos was controlled by Dawsinian, who was at the time associated with Wintreath and some other regions. Not much is known about this era, marked by the brutal suppression of the first page of the RMB (some of which was later unsuppressed).

Time: Founding - Jan 2016
Active nations: Not many, really
RMB pages: 1-2

The Early Ages:
The first real activity. A regional forum on ZetaBoards (now lost) was created and elections (then only for Vice-Delegate) were first held, where Vavax won the post of Vice-Delegate against Greatlandiana. (I think Dawsinian himself was delegate). There was an RP (still accessible here) as well during the later period when there was an influx of new nations, but it died after some time. (It was an actual RP on the NS forums, not a sad spammy one like the RMB RP we have now). Vavax, our current monarch, Greatlandiana (now Williacia) and Dragosi, old Cabinet members, and Federal Southern Cities, our Frenchie, started in this period.

Time: Jan-Apr 2016
Active nations: Dawsinian, Arivale, Vavax, Greatlandiana, Palishan etc.
RMB pages: 2-23 or so