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The Confederation's Work Production Programme


Can you compose?
Can you write like Dickens, or draw like Picasso?
Do you want to share your knowledge?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then join the CCD Work Production Programme. The foundation of this group is to start the production of work that the Confederation can be proud of, and that shows off the region's varying culture, through music, art, or literature.


When you join, you shall be under the Director of the Department of Arts and Communications, currently Dr. Anastasia Clarke of HMS NHS.

Works are split into 3 groups: Music, Literature, and Art, and once you join, you do so under the type of work you want to produce for the region. Nations can be apart of multiple groups.

Once a part of the program, the Director will be accepting commissions for work to be created from a nation. It is then down to you to create the work specified. This could include a piece of music for a certain occasion or a portrait of a significant member of the Confederation. Once the work has been created, you shall be paid a majority share of the commission.

You are also free to create fully protected work for the Confederation without being commissioned to do so. This may grant you a bonus paycheck!

Joining does not grant you a position in the Confederation's government.


If you join, you are expected to create work when commissioned within a realistic deadline. This will be discussed for each commission. The minimum deadline for work will be 2 weeks. This gives you a fair chance to get the work done and means that no commissioner can take advantage of you as an artist.

There is also the expectation that an artist creates work purely for the Confederation, without commission. However, disregard of this will not result in disciplinary action.

However, if work that has been commisoned is not submitted by the deadline, then disciplinary action will be taken by the Director.


If you are interested in joining, then TG the current Director. The Director will then ask you a few questions before you secure a position in the group.

During the interview, discussions will be held about payment, deadlines, and work ethic. We shall also go through the Copyright and Licensing Act 2020 and the ruleset.

After this interview, the Director will contact you within 24 hours, with a confirmation on your position and a Discord invite code.

members are not required to have Discord, but it would be very helpful if they did.


The Confederation's Work Production Programme will be accepting commissions from any nation. If you want a work creating then telegram the Director, and they will inform you.

Commissioned work is different to work created purely for the Confederation, as the artist does not hold the non-exclusive license over commissioned work. Instead, the commissioner does.

If you want to work to be created, then please give specific details on what you want to be created. The program will offer 1 revision as a standard and may increase this, depending on the occasion.


Confederation of Corrupt Dictators
Authored by Dr. Anastasia Clarke of HMS NHS
Director of the Department of Arts and Communications
Hail the Confederation!