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An Audit

T H E⠀⠀C O M M U N E S

Welcome to the Free Las Pinas Audit
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    The Parliamentary Republic of Free Las Pinas, commonly known as Free Las Pinas (FLP), is a nation that stretches 14 planets in over three planetary systems, with most of the nation’s residents residing in the Celeste System. The nation is a direct democracy, with all citizens occupying the National Assembly, representatives (which scale up depending on how many citizens are being represented) from each district occupying the Senate, and all citizens above the age of 18 being able to vote in elections. At 9.5 million square kilometers on its origin planet and 112 million square kilometers across the other planets, Free Las Pinas is ranked as the largest nation in its origin and discovered universe.

    The capital and largest city is Xansen, located in Aklanor, the origin planet. It has a population of 9.1 million people and an area of 2.1 thousand square kilometers.

    The vast majority of Pinjins identify themselves as practitioners of magic, wherein 52% classify as mages, 13% classify as fairies, regardless of sex or gender, and the 35% remaining are a mix of elves and ordinary men. For the most part, mages looked like ordinary humans. In some cases, however, features such as their hair may be unique colors in accordance with their powers/abilities. Fairies did the same, except they had wings that became more beautiful as they grow up. Lastly, elves were tall humanoids with pointy ears and neon-colored eyes.

    Free Las Pinas is a highly developed, socialist nationstate, with a GDP of 151.0 trillion NationStates Dollars (135.9 trillion Pinji Hugs — not to be confused with physical hugs). This sets the GDP per capita at approximately 348,000 hugs. Contrary to what the jealous World Assembly would usually say, though not in paper, child labor is prohibited in Free Las Pinas as education must be their priority, and since education is made free, they wouldn’t even see the need to find a job. The socialist economy is planned by the AI, with checks by the Department of Labor, led by the Deputy Minister for Labor. The most prosperous industry is the art industry, wherein art museums within the country have some of the most expensive artworks in existence, and wherein Pinji vexillologists have created dozens of flags and imagery for foreign nations and regions. Other active industries include dairies, retail, and book publishing. Most people join the workforce at age 21, as education until then is mandatory, and retire at age 55, as the young workforce and advanced technology allow for early retirement.

      Xansen City

      Official Language(s)

      73.7% None
      14.9% Agnosticism
      8.5% Transcendentalism
      2.9% Other

      Pinji (adj.), Pinjin (noun)

      Federal semi-direct democracy

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