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by The great parkguinius. . 96 reads.

The Vassals under the Great Parkguinius

Under forced Subjugation the Great Parkguinius has vassalized these countries, all acts of aggression shall be met with the full force of the Great Legions of the Parkguinius. In other words, they are my Nazgoul, my Servants, and perhaps weak and infective autonomous states. My minions no touchy unless they give approval!

Laamiva Conquered through marriage, is the main substance of our chemical warfare plants. Afraid to let her near any of our penguins.
The republic of kiestarovia Our main man, Kiestarovia is our perfect proxy for all things great and glorious!
Proctethia Our terrifying vassal we acquired from the Treaty of Plodoon. Makes the finest hats in all the south pacific. unlike the killer rabbit he's a killer fox... which sounds bad now that i say it out loud
The democratic republic of melicorium Our newest and very unhappy vassal, but he will be spoiled and pampered that he will one day love me. n-not that that i crave love or anything b-baka! we like to give him our shiny new weapons so he can use it on our enemies

The great parkguinius