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BonAztire's Little Visit To The Moon Theater


Back in the days where Marie BonAztire, the leader of The Imagination Animals was the leader in Crossoveria, and before the upcoming coup d'etat, she would often tell criminals they're arrested alone. This is one of those cases.

Moon Theatre, Calatonia, Elmore, Crossoveria.
June 25, 2019
7:15 p.m.

Marie BonAztire was invited to attend a performance at the Moon Theater by their manager, Buster Moon, who just so happens to be a koala. BonAztire told Moon this was the perfect time, not because she liked plays. She discovered that Moon, the theater sound recorder Eddie, and all the performers, have broken a handful of laws, which could lead to, in Crossoveria and in The Imagination Animals, a death sentence. But since everyone in the Moon Theater were animals, BonAztire had a few tricks up her sleeve. She agreed to attend the Moon Theater, and was accompanied by the President, Liane McKrail, the Vice President, Mykle Kelly, and all the county governors and senators.

BonAztire was fascinated by each and every one of the performances, especially the last one, Hallelujah by Leonardo Cohen, sung by Meena Elephant. And then, the unthinkable happens. After Meena's song is over, police forces (which thankfully are not the ACE, that group couping BonAztire) tell Moon and the gang to freeze. That's when BonAztire leaves her seats and confronts the entire group.

"Buster Moon," she starts, "you and your friends are under arrest for failing to fill in financial documents supporting this job, bringing clothes outside this state and wearing them in public, trespassing private property, and being seen washing cars with your bodies, wearing nothing but underwear."

"Those were speedos!" shouts Eddie, who also was there at the car wash, convicting the same crime as Moon.

"Do you have any idea how serious this crime is?" BonAztire barks. "If you were human, none of you would make it through the end of this month. You should consider yourselves lucky you're animals. Still, commiting crimes is a punishable offense, in practically everywhere in Crossoveria, and you should be ashamed of yourselves."

After a long argument, BonAztire takes everyone in that group to a police car. The next day, Crossoveria's sheriff, Elmo "Woody" McGutherie, questions them about the charge. One week later, a trial begins.

Washingtonian Supreme Court, Washingtonian, Crossoveria's capital city
July 3, 2019
9:25 a.m.

Trials in Crossoveria usually last for two days. This one lasted the entire day because there was a lot of spectral evidence to go along with. The judge, Cathryn Conroy, was given photos of a koala and a sheep washing cars with speedos (though considered underwear); the documents that Buster and Eddie failed to give to the Crossoverian Treasurer, Greg Heffley; photos of rehearsals in private property; and of course, a whole bunch of witnesses. In fact, there were about 50 witnesses of it all.

"Wow! This stuff is crazy! By all means, Buster, can you explain this?" roared Judge Conroy. Buster confessed, but there was still no hard evidence Buster was innocent. I mean, at all.

At 6:05 p.m., Conroy declared Buster, Eddie, and the performers GUILTY! Buster was sent to exile in the North Sentinel Island and could no longer wear clothes, facing execution shall he return to Crossoveria. Eddie was sentenced to 6 months in prison and had to pay Treasurer Heffley 25% his money. The performers were sentenced to two months in prison and had to pay BonAztire $1,000 in cash.

After a night in BonAztire's prison, a helicopter flew across the North Sentinel Island. After dwellers started shooting the helicopter, the cage where Buster was put in was thrown in the forest of the island. There, Buster was told over a microphone that he will no longer be allowed to come back to Crossoveria, nor is he allowed to be dressed.

The rest of the gang have moved out of Crossoveria, because they felt they couldn't be controlled by an authoritarian country. They settled in what will be, unknown to them, The Imagination Animals. This time, they are not allowed to leave the country, and are living in fear more than ever.