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The Vice Delegate's Weekly Update, 25 May 2020

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[B]Office of the Vice Delegate
Week 3 Update
25 May 2020[/B]

Howdy All!

Well, the wave of CTE's has hit and as you can see from the numbers almost all members of the Security Council felt it to some degree. Overall, I would say the wave of CTE's have had less of an impact on our overall WA numbers than we were expecting, but we will continue to monitor and engage with the members who have joined through the Youtube Wave.

We will continue to push forward with bringing Prydania to number 2 in endorsements before reducing McMasterdonia's counts. I have been posting dispatches and sending WADP telegrams to aid with this in addition to several telegrams sent out by Prydania, McMasterdonia, and other members of the Security Council. Gameside Advocates have also been assisting with posting on the Regional Message Board.

I would like to note that some of you might have noticed that the endorse page ([URL][/URL]) was recently not working. This bug has been identified and fixed so please use that page to exchange endorsements and see who is not endorsing your nation!

This past week the Security Council has been discussing a member that has applied to join the council. Discussion is ongoing.

Remember to endorse Prydania if you have not already done so and tell all your friends to do the same as well!

Peace Out!

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