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Legislative Process

This document applies only to normal laws, not Instrument amendments.
  1. A proposal for a law (a "bill") is introduced to the Regional Council by a member, or the Monarch or WA Delegate.

  2. The bill is discussed publicly by the citizens of the Labyrinth (on the RMB or #council-discussion discord channel), and by regional council members, the Monarch and cabinet members in the council chamber. The council must keep the discussion open for a sufficiently long time to allow the debate to reach a reasonable conclusion.

  3. Anyone may propose an amendment to a bill under consideration. If it is supported by any regional council member, the Monarch or any cabinet member, or if it is a good amendment in the Speaker's view, it will be debated in the council chamber. The council shall vote on any proposed amendments unless all members unanimously support it, and the council must give sufficient consideration to and reasons for adopting or rejecting any amendment debated. If an amendment is passed by the council, it will be added to the bill.

  4. After full discussion of the bill and voting on all amendments, the council shall finally vote on the bill. If the vote passes, the bill is sent for the Monarch's signature.

  5. If the Monarch signs a bill, it is enacted into law and the government is obliged to enforce it. The Monarch may refuse to sign a bill only after presenting sufficient, reasonable and valid reasons for doing so to the council and citizens.