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Crown Jewels of Dominant Oppressors

[b][center][u]The Following is a list of the Most Notable Items in the Crown Jewels of Dominant Oppressors[/u][/center]



[u]Imperial Crown of Dominant Oppressors[/u]
[u]Description:[/u] The Imperial Crown of [nation]Dominant Oppressors[/nation] is the crown worn by the Holy Emperor / Holy Empress upon their coronation and at certain very high-level ceremonial events. In the circlet at the base are eight large square diamonds, between the stones are two large pearls arranged vertically and set within white enamel rosettes surrounded by scrollwork. Other precious stones such as spinels, zircons and pearls are also present in the circlet. The mitre is made of gold, with a band of enamel work. The mitre is divided into four sections which each depict an important moment in Dominant Oppressorian History. The first section shows King Peter A. Vader the Great being crowned as King of the new 'Christian Kingdom of [nation]Dominant Oppressors[/nation]' following his victory over the Romans. The second section shows King Ädom R. Vader the Great being hailed King of all the Dominant Oppressorian tribes and founding our great nation. The third section depicts the Pope crowning King Charles A. Vader the Great as 'Holy Emperor of [nation]Dominant Oppressors[/nation]' following the founding of the first Dominant Oppressorian Colony in the New World. The fourth and final section shows an allegory of the future generations of Dominant Oppressorian Royalty, continuing to further the Holy Christian Empire's greatness and lead it in a way our Lord would be proud of. The high arch extends from the front and back of the circlet and is studded with another eight diamonds. At the top of the arch is a blue-green emerald, which symbolises Heaven, the only power above the Holy Emperor (including Christ's representative, the Pope) and the one that truly crowns him/her. The emerald is polished but not cut.
[spoiler=Imperial Crown of Dominant Oppressors][img][/img][/spoiler]

[u]Crown of St. John[/u]
[u]Description:[/u] The Crown of St. John is the Royal Imperial State Crown of [nation]Dominant Oppressors[/nation] and thus the one worn by the Holy Emperor / Holy Empress on the vast majority of occasions. The crown is set with 6,170 diamonds, 9 emeralds, 4 rubies, and 4 sapphires. At the front is a very fine emerald weighing 32 carats. Its circlet consists of four crosses pattée, as seen on our national flag and representing our people, and four fleurs-de-lis, a common symbol of Catholic monarchies. The eight half-arches on top join at a typical monde and another cross pattée on top of that. Together, they point upwards in the form of a Gothic ogee arch. The usage of eight half-arches is typical of Continental European monarchies' crowns. The crown is named after St. John the Baptist, the Patron Saint of [nation]Dominant Oppressors[/nation]. 
[spoiler=Crown of St. John][img][/img][/spoiler]

[u]Royal Princely Crown of Dominant Oppressors[/u]
[u]Description:[/u] The crown worn by the Holy Prince / Holy Princess of [nation]Dominant Oppressors[/nation], primarily at their investiture as the Heir/Heiress to the Holy Christian Empire but also at certain other events. The crown is topped by a diamond-studded cross, symbolising Christ's power over our royalty, which rests on a large sapphire, mirroring the blue-green emerald on the Imperial Crown. These rest on eight half-arches rising from the base. The half-arches are adorned with 142 rose-cut diamonds and 18 regular diamonds. Eight large pearls are mounted between the arches. The eight half-arches are there for the same reasons as on the Crown of St. John.
[spoiler=Royal Princely Crown of Dominant Oppressors][img][/img][/spoiler]

[u]Royal Imperial Spousal Crown[/u]
[u]Description:[/u] The crown worn by the spouse of the Holy Emperor / Holy Empress (the Empress / Emperor) on most occasions. The crown is adorned with diamonds and is similar to the other Dominant Oppressorian crowns in that it is decorated with both cross pattée, to represent [nation]Dominant Oppressors[/nation], and fleurs-de-lis, to represent monarchy. The crown also features four half arches, meeting a globe, on top of which sits another cross pattée, representing both Christ above the crown and [nation]Dominant Oppressors[/nation], thus symbolising the phrase used in one of the Holy Emperor's styles, 'By the Grace of God and the People's Will' (applying mainly to the Holy Emperor / Holy Empress rather than the Empress / Emperor but by marriage they are like one and it is the role of the Empress / Emperor to keep the Holy Emperor / Holy Empress from making poor decisions [and thus not upholding the truth of that phrase] by advising them). The crown features four half arches, half of the amount on the other crowns, showing that the Empress / Emperor is not the true monarch of [nation]Dominant Oppressors[/nation]. 
[spoiler=Royal Imperial Spousal Crown][img][/img][/spoiler]

[u]Crown of Holy Emperor George A. Vader the Great[/u]
[u]Description:[/u] This crown was created by King George A. Vader the Great immediately prior to his declaration of the 'Holy Empire of [nation]Dominant Oppressors[/nation]' and was first used at his coronation as 'Holy Emperor of [nation]Dominant Oppressors[/nation]' by Pope Paul III, it served as the state crown of [nation]Dominant Oppressors[/nation] for quite some time before being replaced by the Crown of St. John. It still survives to this day and is occasionally still used by the Holy Emperors / Holy Empresses of the modern era, although rather infrequently. Many other earlier crowns were destroyed either in the March Revolution or earlier on in our History. The crown is set with 444 precious and semi-precious stones, including 345 rose-cut aquamarines, 37 white topazes, 27 tourmalines, 12 rubies, 7 amethysts, 6 sapphires, 2 jargoons, 1 garnet, 1 spinel and 1 carbuncle. It is made of 22-carat gold and, much like our present state crown, it has four fleurs-de-lis and four crosses pattée, representing the same things as on the Crown of St. John. These features also serve to support the two dipped arches topped by a monde and cross pattée, the cross pattée having similar meaning to the one on the Royal Imperial Spousal Crown, symbolising 'By the Grace of God and the People's Will'. 
[spoiler=Crown of Holy Emperor George A. Vader the Great][img][/img][/spoiler]

[u]Grand Crown of Xukong[/u]
[u]Description:[/u] Following a succession crisis in [nation]Xukong[/nation], with their previous ruler dying heirless shortly after being crowned queen, our Holy Emperor Adam John Vader was offered the crown, where he served with the title of 'Sovereignist of [nation]Xukong[/nation]' and as a Constitutional Monarch. During this period, the Crown of St. John was also used as the State Crown of [nation]Xukong[/nation]. However, after the untimely death of Xukonger Prime Minister Sophia Kennedy, the people of [nation]Xukong[/nation] called for absolute monarchy (with a Xukonger Viceroy to run the day-to-day affairs) and Adam J. Vader was crowned 'Tsar of [nation]Xukong[/nation]' ('King of [nation]Xukong[/nation]' in non-Slavic countries) by Cardinal Arch-Bishop C. of the Bishopric of [nation]CrimsonScribbles[/nation]. This crown was created for the coronation and now serves as both the Imperial and State Crown of [nation]Xukong[/nation]. It was designed to have the similar split mitre as the Imperial Crown of [nation]Dominant Oppressors[/nation] but to be in a Xukonger-style. The edges of both sections of the mitre are each bordered with a row of 37 very fine, large, white pearls. This then rests on a circlet of nineteen diamonds (each averaging at over 5 carats in weight) with a larger, 12⅝ carat, diamond set between the two bands of diamonds. The two sections of the mitre with four pairs of crossed palm branches. The arch between them is made up of patterns of oaks leaves and acorns in small diamonds surrounding a number of large diamonds of various shapes and tints. At the center and apex of the central arch is a diamond rosette of twelve petals from which rises a large red spinel, weighing 398.72 carats. This spinel, in turn, is surmounted by a cross of five diamonds, representing the Christian faith of the Sovereign, the God-given power of the monarchy and the supremacy of the divine order over earthly power. Except for the two rows of large white pearls the entire surface of the crown is covered with 4936 diamonds.
[spoiler=Grand Crown of Xukong][img][/img][/spoiler]


[u]Orbs & Sceptres:[/u]

[u]Dominant Oppressorian Globus Cruciger[/u]
[u]Description:[/u] Also known as the 'Royal Imperial Orb of [nation]Dominant Oppressors[/nation]', it is a traditional globus cruciger (Latin for 'Cross-bearing Orb'), a long-standing symbol of Christian authority. It is most notably used during the Holy Emperor's / Holy Empress' Coronation Ceremony. The orb is a golden globe decorated with a band of enamel and diamonds. On top of this is an arc of enamel and diamonds. This is further topped by a diamond-studded Cross.
[spoiler=Dominant Oppressorian Globus Cruciger][img][/img][/spoiler]

[u]Royal Imperial Sceptre of Dominant Oppressors[/u]
[u]Description:[/u] Another item used primarily at the Holy Emperor's / Holy Empress' Coronation. The staff is just under a meter long (92cm) and is decorated with 333 diamonds, 31 rubies, 15 emeralds, 7 sapphires, 6 spinels and 1 composite amethyst. The staff is topped by 'The Star of House Vader', tie for the largest clear cut diamond in the world with 'Cullinan I' (both at just over 530 carats). Above the pear-shaped diamond is an amethyst surmounted by a cross pattée (again symbolising both Christ and [nation]Dominant Oppressors[/nation]), the cross is encrusted with an emerald and other small diamonds.
[spoiler=Royal Imperial Sceptre of Dominant Oppressors (full view)][img][/img][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Royal Imperial Sceptre of Dominant Oppressors (staff-head view)][img][/img][/spoiler]

[u]St. Paul's Sceptre[/u]
[u]Description:[/u] A sceptre created by Holy Emperor Mark P. Vader to better match the Imperial Crown during the coronation ceremony. It was used during his reign as well as his successor's and by a select few others but most of our monarchs continued (and still do) to use the Royal Imperial Sceptre instead of this one. It is named after St. Paul the Apostle. It is made of Gold, partially enameled and studded with rubies, sapphires and pearls. 
[spoiler=St. Paul's Sceptre][img][/img][/spoiler]

[u]Tsarist Xunkonger Sceptre[/u]
[u]Description:[/u] Another item created for and used in Holy Emperor Adam J. Vader’s coronation as ‘Tsar of [nation]Xukong[/nation]’. The staff is 94cm long and made primarily of gold. As the sceptre’s head is an ornate topper, encrusted with diamonds of varying sizes and cuts. In the centre of the topper is a sizeable ruby. The scepter, along with the Grand Crown of [nation]Xukong[/nation] and the Royal Tsarist Ring of [nation]Xukong[/nation] will most likely be used in the coronations of the future House Vader Tsars of [nation]Xukong[/nation].
[spoiler=Tsarist Xunkonger Sceptre (full view)][img][/img][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Tsarist Xunkonger Sceptre (staff-head view)][img][/img][/spoiler]



[u]Blade of St. Michael[/u]
[u]Description:[/u] The Blade of St. Michael was crafted by the master swordsmiths of the Holy Order of the [nation]Knights Mare Nostrum[/nation]. The Holy Emperor simply instructed the swordsmiths to make the finest sword they could for and beyond that gave them a Carte Blanche. The resultant sword was a Jeanne D’Arc Blade, made of a special metal, Nostrumium, which is only available to the members of their Order. The sword also has a gold rain-guard and pommel. The blade itself is gold-plated and there is a large pink diamond in the centre of the pommel. Engraved on the blade is a verse from the Bible, [i]“Hebrews 12:14, Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.”[/i]. The blade serves as the ceremonial sword used at the monarch's coronation and other high-level events such as major knightings and title-bestowals, although much caution is taken during its use due to both its value and the fact that it is, in fact, a sharpened sword. It is named after St. Michael the Archangel, serving as both a prayer for him to protect our nation and our monarch and representing the monarch's power to wield might of the state against its enemies, and their duty to preserve justice and peace.
[spoiler=Blade of St. Michael][img][/img][/spoiler]

[u]Ducal Dagger of New Jewlan[/u]
[u]Description:[/u] Following the secession of Catholic [nation]New Jewlan[/nation] from Protestant [nation]Old World New Jewlan[/nation] in AD 1525, the New Jewlaners were in need of a way to legitimize their royal-line, so, our (at the time) King George A. Vader proposed having his sister, Princess Hildegard M. Vader, marry their proposed Grand Duke Dermot Seamus O'Carroll. Dermot agreed to the proposal as a way to bring regal-legitimacy to the fledgling House of O'Carroll and their marriage turned out to be quite a happy one. The New Jewlaners were very grateful to the House of Vader as a result and relations between our two nations have been very close ever since. As a show of their thanks, the title of 'Duke of [nation]New Jewlan[/nation]' was bestowed in perpetuity to the Dominant Oppressorian Crown and along with it was gifted this dagger (named the 'Ducal' Dagger because of the aforementioned title), which was then added to our Crown Jewels collection and is traditionally still carried by the Monarch on any state visits to [nation]New Jewlan[/nation]. The dagger is a platinum Misericorde Dagger with a gold-plated, acacia handle. This specific wood-type, plated in gold is the same material combination the Ark of the Covenant was made of and it is for that reason that it was chosen. The dagger is of New Jewlaner ice-brook temper, meaning it was plunged fresh from the forge into the (newly renamed) ice-cold brook Hildegard in [nation]New Jewlan[/nation].
[spoiler=Ducal Dagger of New Jewlan][img][/img][/spoiler]



[u]Coronation Ring of Xukong[/u]
[u]Description:[/u] The final item used in the coronation of Holy Emperor Adam J. Vader as Tsar of [nation]Xukong[/nation]. The ring is made of 14 Carat Gold and features a Slavic/Xukonger-style Eagle on its face, holding an orb and sceptre in its claws and with a crown (a silhouette of the Grand Crown of Xukong) above it to symbolize the monarchy. On the side of the ring can be found a St. John's cross with another crown above it.
[spoiler=Coronation Ring of Xukong][img][/img][/spoiler]

[i]OOC: General Disclaimer: Neither [nation]Xukong[/nation], [nation]New Jewlan[/nation], [nation]Old World New Jewlan[/nation], [nation]CrimsonScribbles[/nation] nor [nation]Knights Mare Nostrum[/nation] are my puppets or anything of the like. It is simply a case of our lore occasionally intersecting, thank you[/i]