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(OOC) How I Play NationStates

This is a roleplaying game, so whenever I am logged in I will assume the role of the leader of the country; each leader has their own personality, which I will assume while logged into that nation. (As long as they haven't ceased to exist, that is).


Ruled by Herald Kevin Dawson, the Apocalypse is a gargantuan nation with many colonies and puppets under its control. The leading nation is this one (GeodesicDragon), while the colonies are New apocalyptia, Heralds rise, New geotopia and Sigoyle. The apocalyptian herald serves as the diplomatic wing of the Apocalypse, and is used in Regional Message Boards. Riostes is a puppet nation granted to me by a friend after he quit playing (he got a bit carried away with his own roleplaying).

While logged in as any Apocalyptian nation, I will assume the role of Herald Dawson. His personality is that he's brash and unforgiving, though he can be a great ally once you get past his stern exterior. He may sometimes come across as aggressive or rude, but that's the point.


Apocalyptian protectorates are Redman4933, Insignificance and Twilightlicious.

Redman4933 is led by the sister duo of Tracy and Sandra Sommerville; they abhor violence, and will always seek a diplomatic solution to every crisis.

Insignificance is led by Jock Wallace; he is a good man who wants what is best for his people, but will make use of his military strength if he absolutely has to.

Twilightlicious is led by Raymond Bullock; his personality is similar to that of Tracey and Sandra.

Redman4933 and Twilightlicious have little to no military power, while Insignificance has some of its own. All three nations are protected by the Apocalypse, which - at the time of writing this Dispatch - ranks amongst the top 50 most powerful armies in the world. If any protectorate nation feels threatened, or that diplomacy has failed, they will call upon Dawson for aid; the aggressor nation will then receive a strongly worded telegram which will serve as the Apocalyptian declaration of war.


Unless something is in ((double parentheses like this)), it is to be taken as though I am speaking in character. (That logic does not apply to this document.)