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Royal Proclamation: Holy Princess Sarah J. Vader Declares Extension To Regency

Greetings Loyal Citizens of Glorious Ascension & of our Sister-realm, Dominant Oppressors,

As you all know, following the untimely deaths of my mother and father in 2005 and 2006 respectively, our dominion was left without a ruler due to my youth and the regency was bestowed to Holy Emperor Adam J. Vader of Dominant Oppressors, who although is biologically my second cousin, is more like a loving uncle and father-figure to me. As you are all well aware, he has done an exceptional job of ruling the nation while I come of age. As I am fast approaching the age where I may claim my throne, 20 years of age, with my Birthday in December, I have come to a decision. I have found that I have much of the world yet to learn and I find that I am not yet ready to rule, so, as is my right by my birth nearly 20 years ago, I hereby proclaim that the regency of his Royal Imperial majesty, Adam J. Vader, is to be maintained until I find myself ready to rule.

I truly believe this to be the best decision for our great nation of Glorious Ascension and be assured, I will continue to take an active role as I continue to learn the ways of a truly great leader of her people in the hopes of being a strong and powerful Holy Empress when I do ascend to the throne. I wish you all the Lord's blessings and thank you for your support! May God bless Glorious Ascension, myself and Lord Regent Adam J. Vader!

Signed, 25th May Anno Domini 2020,

Her Royal Highness, Sarah Jane Vader, Holy Princess of Glorious Ascension, Grand Duchess of Dominant Oppressors and so on and so on and so on.

In Christ the Lord Faithful, his Royal Imperial Majesty, Adam John Vader, Holy Emperor of Dominant Oppressors, Lord Regent & Grand Duke of Glorious Ascension, King of Xukong, Duke of New Jewlan and so on and so on and so on