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Taking the cannals

After Retaking big parts of Germany, Salxeburg turns it's head to south America, and more precisely, Panama, Heinrich thinks that if he were to own two of the 3 channels in the works would cause a big boost in income for the rebuilding after the current civil war.

fabricating a claim to the area

After going through years worth of paperwork, many of Heinrich's helpers found paperwork from about 1748 of Salxeburg rightfully claiming and holding the land, but after a slave revolt, the Salxeburgian holding fell. He would use this as a casus belli for his very tiny and fast war

Simple batteplans

Heinrich was aiming for a quick and decisive victory. This is why he would use a combination of elite Marines amphibious tanks, and fighters for a quick and major victory, from their he would split up the two armies evenly pushing on either side of the canal wiping out any excess resistance.

The declaration of war

After the Declaration of war the Panama rallied it's troops to the canal, knowing they cannot won against the elite invasion, many men mutiny, and dessert the army. During the landing they had set up a pretty substantial defense any many more men fell than was expected, but soon, they defenses fell and we set up a F.O.B (forward operation base) in the canal were we would conduct our final push and send equipment and reinforcements, after we had been resupplied, operation "Tiger" was back under way and we breezed through the countryside taking the capital of Panama, Panama City, with this victory they finally had surrendered agreeing with a full annexation.

Casualty count:
2400 Panamanians dead, and 4500 wounded (is that even the correct term?)
900 dead and 2100 wounded Salxeburgians

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