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Establishing Diplomatic relations with The Great Monarchical Nations

[color=red][b]THE GREAT MONARCHICAL EMPIRE OF FARONIA[/b][/color] / Establishing Diplomatic relations with The Great Monarchical Nations
[b]SERIAL CODE:[/b] [i] 9FIE.89DB.98X3.7238-239N[/i]
[b]LAST CHANGE MADE:[/b] [i]May 25th 2020 / 13:11 (UTC+W - Zagreb)[/i]
[b]RESPONSIBLE BODY:[/b] [i]Ministry of Inrerregional relations[/i]

[b]The Great Monarchical Empire of[/b] [nation]Faronia[/nation] is a member nation of [region]The Great Monarchical Nations[/region] with its capital city of [b]Zagreb[/b]. It is a sovereign nation that has its own constitution, laws, legislative bodies, police and military forces, institutions, National symbols, etc. Its citizens have rights, expressed in [b]Faronian Human Rights Document[/b] [i](upcoming)[/i] and responsibilities. [nation]Faronia[/nation] has acquired membership for [region]The Great Monarchical Nations[/region], and has a title [b]Royal Court Officer[/b] assigned by [nation]Estonul[/nation] and [nation]Pinicada[/nation]. Faronia has established international contact and relations between the other members of [region]The Great Monarchical Nations[/region], and will respect the laws of the Regional Constitution. [nation]Faronia[/nation] has its own history and symbols which must not be questioned or abused. [nation]Kings Office of Faronia[/nation] is responsible for any affairs directed to [b]The King[/b] of [nation]Faronia[/nation]. [nation]Kings Office of Faronia[/nation] is not considered a nation or a member state. It exists as a legislative body which is managed [b]directly[/b] by The King. The Constitution of [nation]Faronia[/nation], and all dispatches that are written from [nation]Faronia[/nation] are also considered official dispatches of [nation]Kings Office of Faronia[/nation]. This text was approved by [nation]Kings Office of Faronia[/nation], and The King.

The Empire of Faronia