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The San Medician Provinces

The following list compiles the name of all the provinces found in The Most Serene Republic Of San Medici and The Isles Of San Medici and their capital cities. Note that in the case of The Isles Of San Medici, each province is a different island, except for Massa and Carrara.

The Most Serene Republic Of San Medici:

1. Giovanni (Capital city: Ciudad De San Medici)
2. Álava (Capital city: La Fortuna)
3. Alicante (Capital city: Alexandrina)
4. Agrigento (Capital city: Agrigento)
5. Bologna (Capital city: Bologna)
6. Cábris (Capital city: Corozal)
7. Córdoba (Capital city: Placencia)
8. Imperia (Capital city: Nervica)
9. Granada (Capital city: Andalusia)
10. Las Palmas (Capital city: Palmas Beach)
11. Reggio Calabria (Capital city: Calabria Falls)
12. Udine (Capital city: Fraser)

The Isles Of San Medici:

1. La Cruz (Capital city: Puerto De La Cruz)
2. Isla Tarragona (Capital city: Betancuria)
3. Aguas Blancas (Capital city: Candelaria)
4. Massa and Carrara (Capital city: Massa)