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Imperial Infantry


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[size=200][b]Imperial Infantry[/b][/size][hr]
Imperial Infantry comprises of hundreds and thousands of regiments and serve as the back bone of any defense and offense. Although some infantry are better than others, standard Imperial Infantry boast cheaper and cost-effective weapons and armor, sufficient enough to withstand a few shots by a handheld laser-pistol.
Their standard weapon is a [url=][i]Trenchman Kinrifle[/i][/url] or the [i]Kinrifle[/i] for short, a weapon any soldier can rely on. The Kinrifle possesses a wide range of attachments, mainly a bayonet, laser and scope. Their secondary weapon is a melee weapon, [url=][i]The Gothic Dagger[/i][/url] in case things get to personal. Like all great armies, Scouts and Snipers are expected to have different equipment. In terms of protection, they makes use of [url=]Stellarium Alloy[/url] and [i]Dragon Leather[/i].[/center]


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