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Crown Insights #2

Royal Sakai Paper

Cowboys & Aliens
May 13, 2020

Today, we will be having a short interview with the queen discussing Royal Decree No. 321-20, a decree about vigilante border control on the edge of the queendom. When we found her highness today, she was taking a break from her paperwork, watching her husband, King Tsuyoi, draw for his design job. I was told then was a bad setting for the interview, but I insisted that we address these issues as soon as possible for our coming articles.
The king was his usual quiet self, absorbed in his work and nearly ignorant of the interview, but I kept my voice down as a courtesy. The queen, however, urged we “get this interview over with.” I started frankly with the questions: “How did you make your decision?” “As you know,” she started, “when you civilians really want something passed, you all petition or vote on what you want to see addressed in law, and I decide whether or not it’s worth legalizing. It was a very clear this was a somewhat black and white problem, so I just decided on status quo.” “What about your specific thoughts though?” I egged her on. “Well, we’ve been a pan-imperial city, so it’s not a real concern who’s in here or not. Pretty confident in our ability to control spies too. I appreciate what they’re doing, but we don’t really need any more vigilante justice around here.” The queen briefly stopped to help his highness spot uninked portions of his work before he had gone back to concentrating. “That said, I REALLY encourage all visitors to immigrate legally. The process isn’t that hard.” At this point in the conversation, it became apparent that the king was no longer intensely focused on his artwork, and had fallen asleep at his desk. Her highness ended our time with, “I’m going to carry him to bed. We’ll do this some other time.”, and I was again escorted back to the property’s gateway. I asked my escorts if his highness had any opinions on immigration, to which they could only tell me that he was a former country boy, and didn’t involve himself in politics too much.

by C. O’Madahin

Issue No. 2