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Official List of Faronian legislative bodies and governmentally established organizations (FLB & GEO)

THE GREAT MONARCHICAL EMPIRE OF FARONIA / Official List of Faronian legislative bodies and governmentally established organizations
LAST CHANGE MADE: May 28th 2020 / 11:42 (GMT+2 - Zagreb)
RESPONSIBLE BODY: Office for Law Publication

Viceministry of Internal Affairs
Ministry of Demographics
Ministry of Agriculture
- Office for Local Agricultural Development
Ministry of Tourism
- Office for Coastal Affairs
- Office for
Ministry of Science and Education
Ministry of Military and Defence
- Office for Schools
- Office for Electronic Educational Development
Ministry of Sport and Recreation
- Office for Sport Events
Ministry of Finances
- Office for general Tax Managment
- Office for Industrial Tax Managment
- Office for Trade Tax Managment
Ministry of Work
- Office for Employment
Ministry of Traffic, Transportation and Infrastructure
- Office for Road Infrastructure
- Office for Railway Infrastructure
- Office for Urban area Transport
- Office for Airport Infrastructure and Areal Transportation
- Office for Seaport Infrastructure
- Office for Underground Infrastructure
Ministry of Environment and Energy
- Office for Renewable Energy Sources
- Office for Nonrenewable Energy Sources
- Office for Local Energy Management
Ministry of Economy
- Office for economical development
Ministry of Health
- Office for Health institutions
- Office for Civil health protection
Ministry of Law
- Office for Court
- Office for Law managment
- Office for Law Publication
Ministry of Regional Development
- Office for Urban development
- Office for Rural development
Ministry of State Properties
- Office for managing State Properties
Ministry of Culture
- Office for Material Culture and Heritage protection
- Office for Nonmaterial Culture and Heritage Protection
Ministry of Sea and Maritime Affairs
- Office for Maritime Transportation
Ministry of Cartography
- Office for Internal Territory Management

Viceministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Regional Development
- Office for Regional Law Enforcement
Ministry of Interregional Relations
Ministry of Cartography
- Office for Foreign Territory Management


Faronian Football Association FFA
Faronian Basketbal Association FBA
Faronian Handball Association FHA
Faronian Volleyball Association FVA
Faronian Water Sports Association FWSA
Faronian Rugby Association FRA
Faronian Cricket Association FCA

Administration of Military Divisions AoMD
Army Veterans Association AVA

Culture and Heritage
National Parks of Faronia NPF
Local Heritage Protection Group LHPG

Faronian Human Rights Association FHRA