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Sejm - Parliament of the Confederation of the Kingdom of Poland

The LinkSejm, or Polish Parliament, was established in 1807 by LinkNapoleon with the formation of the Duchy of Warsaw. Later, as the Duchy of Warsaw was upgraded to the status of Kingdom - as the Confederation of the Kingdom of Poland - it expanded considerably to rule over the lands of the newly established LinkGrand Duchy of Lithuania and the LinkDuchy of Livonia - all three ruled by the King of Poland (who would inherently hold the title of Duke of Livonia and Grand Duke of Lithuania).

Perhaps a misnomer, the Sejm of the Kingdom of Poland does not simply represent Poland proper (which consists of Poland and LinkEast Galicia). Instead, it refers to the union of Poland-proper, Lithuania, and Livonia. Instead, Poland-proper is legally & colloquially referred to as 'LinkKorona,' with its own Sejm (the Sejm of Korona). The Sejm of the Kingdom of Poland allows for representation from Lithuania, Korona, and Livonia all at once. That is, Korona is on equal political status as Livonia and Lithuania, with the Sejm of the Kingdom of Poland representing all three together as a national entity.

Initially, as with all Napoleonic constitutions, the constitution of Poland established the executive (in this case, the King of Poland) as substantially more powerful than his legislature (in this case, the Sejm). Furthermore, it made provisions for a bicameral Sejm, in which the upper house was entirely appointed. Later, with the expulsion of the House of Wettin and the implementation of a natively Polish noble family as Kings of Poland (The LinkPoniatowskis), the constitution was revised to shift the balance of power towards the legislature, and particularly towards the LinkMarszałek Sejmu, i.e. the Speaker. This revised constitution would also expand suffrage to all ethnic Poles & Lithuanians (though not 'Ruthenians' or Germans), whereas prior land-ownership had been a requirement.

The Bicameral Sejm
The Sejm is Linkbicameral, with two houses - the Senate & the House of Deputies. The former - the Senate - is comprised of the LinkPrefects of the LinkDepartments. That is, the governors of the provinces. They are joined by ten (Catholic) Bishops. The Senate, however, has virtually no power other than oversight, keeping the other houses in check with a veto (that can be overruled by the King of Poland), as well as broader powers to instigate an audit, demand written explanation of legislation, etc.

The latter - the House of Deputies - is elected by LinkSejmiks, or local assemblies, based in the various Departments. Each Sejmik sends a certain number of Delegates proportional to its population (that is, sejmiks in departments with bigger populations necessarily send more Delegates) and these Delegates are elected by LinkSingle Transferable Vote every four years, with no term limits. Each sejmik - as well as department - is named after the largest city within its boundaries.

The Confederation of the Kingdom of Poland
The Confederation of the Kingdom of Poland, as mentioned in the prior section, comprises three separate devolved entities that - de facto - essentially are ruled as one nation all the same. These entities are, respectively, the Polish Crown Lands, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and the Duchy of Livonia. These are all ruled by the same individual; the King of Poland also inherits the title of Grand Duke of Lithuania, and the title of Duke of Livonia. [tr][/tr]

LinkThe Polish Crown Lands - 'Korona'
Korona Królestwa Polskiego

LinkThe Duchy of Livonia
Księstwo Inflanty

LinkThe Grand Duchy of Lithuania
Wielkie Księstwo Litwy


(LinkHRM) The King of Poland
Wasza Królewska Mość

The Duke of Livonia

The Grand Duke of Lithuania

Delegates to the Sejm
(not including Senators)

176 representatives

14 representatives

48 representatives


Equivalent to:
LinkThe Second Polish Republic
LinkEast Prussia (former)
LinkUpper Silesia
LinkSizable portions of Ukraine


Includes Lithuania and its 'Ruthenian' territories:
- LinkLithuania
- LinkWhite Ruthenia

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