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Royal Korean Marine Corp 한국 해병대

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[floatright][box][centre][background-block=#0047A0][color=#FFFFFF]Royal Korean Marine Corp
한국 해병대
Hanguk Haebyeongdae[/color][/background-block]


Seal of the Royal Korean Marine Corp


[b]Founded:[/b] 15th April 1949

[b]Headquarters:[/b] Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do

[b]Type:[/b] Marine

[b]Role:[/b] Amphibious Warfare

[b]Size:[/b] 40,000

[b]Part of:[/b] [img][/img] Korean Armed Forces

[b]Nickname:[/b] "Invincible Marines"
《무적 해병》 

[b]Motto:[/b] "Once a Marine, Always a Marine"
《한번 해병은 영원한 해병》

[b]Mascot:[/b] Jindo Dog


[b]Commandant of the Marine Corp:[/b] Lt Gen Lee Seung-do

[b]Chief of Naval Operations:[/b] Admiral Boo Suk-Jong



[centre]Flag of the Royal Korean Marine Corp[/centre]


[size=200][b]Royal Korean Marine Corp[/b][/size]

The [b]Royal Korea Marine Corps[/b] (Korean: 한국 해병대; Hanja: 韓國 海兵隊; RR: Hanguk Haebyeongdae), also known as the ROK Marine Corps (ROKMC), or the ROK Marines, is the marine corps of Korea. The ROKMC is a branch of the Korean Armed Forces and works closely with the Korean Navy as it is responsible for amphibious operations. It also functions as a rapid reaction force and a strategic reserve. The ROK Marine Corps, with 40,000 personnel, is organized into 3 divisions and 2 separate brigades under the Headquarters ROK Marine Corps. The ROK Marine Corps has about 720 tracked vehicles including assault amphibious vehicles, main battle tanks, and self-propelled artillery.


On April 15, 1949, the Republic of Korea Marine Corps (ROKMC) was founded at Deoksan airfield in Jinhae with an initial strength of 380 men. Lieutenant Colonel Shin Hyun-Joon was appointed to lead as the first Commandant of the newly formed Marine Corps and he was promoted to Colonel on July 1, 1949. The ROKMC consisted of 2 rifle companies and a headquarters company. The 1st and 2nd divisions were formed in 1950 while the third came about in 1990. In November 1987, the Headquarters Republic of Korea Marine Corps was re-established; it was disbanded in October 1973 due to budgetary constraints.


The Marine Corps, with 40,000 personnel, is organized into 3 divisions and 2 brigades under the Headquarters Korean Marine Corps. The Commandant of the Royal Korean Marine Corps is a three-star general. The 1st Marine Division can operate in sea, air, land, with specializing its three infantry battalions under a single regiment to Airborne/Amphibious Assault/Ranger. Furthermore, the ROKMC's Recon units (two Reconnaissance Battalions and one Reconnaissance Company) hold various special warfare training such as scuba and parachuting. The ROKMC relies on the ROK Navy for medical treatment of its wounded, as specially trained Navy medics are to some extent integrated into the Marine Corps' units and also instructing fundamental first-aid techniques to new recruits. Deployment of a division of 10,000 can occur within 24 hours.

[centre][background=yellow]Example of the structure and order of a Marine Division[/background][/centre]

[list][*][size=200][b]Royal Korean Marine Corp HQ (한국 해병대사령부)[/b][/size]
[list][*][size=150]First Marine Division (East Sea)[/size]
[list][*] [size=120]Headquarters Battalion[/size]
[*] [size=120]2nd Marine Brigade[/size]
[list][*] 21st, 22nd and 23rd Marine Battalion[/list]
[*] [size=120]3rd Marine Brigade[/size]
[list][*] 31st, 32nd and 33rd Marine Battalion[/list]
[*] [size=120]7th Marine Brigade[/size]
[list][*] 71st, 72nd and 73rd Marine Battalion[/list]
[*] [size=120]1st Marine Artillery Brigade - K55 SPH[/size]
[list][*] 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th Marine Artillery Battalion[/list]
[*] [size=120]1st Tank Battalion - K2 MBT[/size]
[*] [size=120]1st Amphibious Vehicle Battalion - KAAV7A1[/size]
[*] [size=120]1st Reconnaissance Battalion[/size]
[*] [size=120]1st Engineering and Maintenance Battalion[/size]
[*] [size=120]1st Signal Battalion[/size]
[*] [size=120]1st Supply Battalion[/size]


[tr][td][centre]Korean Marines alighting a KAAV7A1[/centre][/td][td][centre]Marine Corp Parade in Seoul, 2020[/centre][/td][td][centre]Marine AH-64 Apache providing support[/centre][/td][/tr][/table]

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