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The Understanding - Non-Aggression Agreement.

During a meeting between Abaddon (Draconovox's new leader) and the country of Romaniche.
Abaddon expressed interests in establishing a much more direct and draconian method of ruling over his citizens. Worried that Abaddon would break peace and attempt to invade Romaniche or any other nation - Romaniche leaders made an agreement with Abaddon - Stating:

1) Draconovox under the Rule of Abaddon shall not Mobilize against or unlawfully declare war on the Following nations:

2) Draconovox under the Rule of Abaddon shall not unlawfully detain or kill any citizens or representatives from the following nations:

Signed by:
-Abaddon of Draconovox
-President Alexander Constantin of Romaniche

The Dominion of Draconovox