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Council of Ministers Election Second Round

[size=300][ELECTION] May 2020 Council of Ministers (Second Round)[/size]

Comrades, it's time to vote for the Council of Ministers Second Round as mandated by the Constitution. The two positions up for election are the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Domestic Affairs.

[size=150]Candidates for Ministry of Defense*:[/size]

[list][*][nation]Trabardia[/nation] (Independent) [No Campaign][/list]

[floatright]*Since only candidate has stood for this election it will be a confirmation vote[/floatright]

[size=150]Candidates for Domestic Affairs[/size]

[list][*][nation]Egaleca[/nation] (Independent) [url=]Campaign[/url]
[*]Yaseen Ahmed (PNLLP)-[nation]Mannyton[/nation] [No Campaign][/list]

Comrades, exercising your right to vote is very important, the Ministry of Defense acts as a liaison to The Red Fleet, the military of NSLeft which TCB is a member of, the Ministry of Domestic Affairs deals primarily with recruitment, sending out telegrams and vetting citizenship applications. Your vote is your voice to enact the changes you want in the Bloc!

[size=500][url=]Link to Election[/url][/size]