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New Wilsyan Soccer team

New Wilsy has always been open to soccer, thought as it has been declining since the last eliminations, weightlifting, wrestling and even Padel have taken out soccer as the most famous sport, specially due to religion, however, New Wilsy has a long tradition and history, and this generation of players is a promising one, with the hopes to win something for their nation, and that the appointed manager Pramer Kolafzi has to guide them during their careers
The method used is a mega-national tournament where all kids are mandated to compete, unless disabled, they are assigmed into groups of 11 to play against other groups. From the City league, to the province league, to the regional league (north, center, south, east, west) to the national league, if a group is knocked, kids and teens with 7.5 or more in grades will have another chance, only minskievan and extremist people are not allowed to enter, so other nations can enter, if for example, a Haivonian wants to prove what he can do, he needs to have good abilities and live for at least 6 months in New Wilsy, to be allowed
Information about the team:
Nickname: Los españoles (The spanish)
Los azul-oro (the blue-golden)
Los Führers (The führers)
GKs: Diego Ruíz, Jeremías Rodriguez, Jorge Nemer
Def: Diogo Mancera, Jeronimo Lamina (C), Louis Beninks, Alejandro Berteramé, Ricardo Sierra, David Giuliano, Lohan Salcedo
MDs: Vladyslav Di Roseau, Nestor Cabañas, Ernesto Cruz, David Valdivia, Hector Sauza, Kevin Toledo, Vittor Scilianni, Teo Palacios, Alexander Lampierre
STs: Joel Sambezo, Javier Iturraspe, Cesar Quintero, Ikmau
Used tactic: 4-3-2-1 equilibrated
Manager: Pramer Kolafzi (also from Fenerbahçe)
Second trainer: Jozef Disaxon
Local stadiums:
Stade de Wilsy (ubicated at Führerhaven) capacity: 92,000 spectators (planned to be 117,500 in 2 years)
Pumas Olympic Stadium (in Pumas city) capacity: 76,000 spectators, being expanded to 85,000
Heroes del miaúsculismo (ubicated in Greenville) capacity: 78,000 spectators

Jorge Nemer (Chelsea) #1
Diogo Mancera (Real Sociedad) #6
Jerónimo Lámina (C) (Manchester City) #4
Louis Beninks (AC Milan) #3
Alejandro Berteramé (Sporting Club Portugal) #16
Vladyslav Di Roseau (Real Madrid)#11
Nestor Cabañas (Atlético Madrid) #10
Kevin Toledo (Olympique Marseille) #23
Vittor Scilianni (Real Madrid) #14
Alexander Lampierre (Olympique Lyonnais) #9
Ikmau (FC Barcelona) #7

Promising players:
Georginio Gomes
Hiro Sayubaza
Edgardo Torrazo
Armando Gorrán
Jesús Villafaría
Fausto Calderón
Wilhelm Kohnhedstadt (took from Deutschland)
Graham Haiverson
Isaac Stepanenko (took from Ukrainia)
Herbert Coronado
Markus Hilbert
Elber Galarga jr.

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