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Eastracian Armed Forces

Eastracian Armed Forces

Above: Eastracian National Emblem


March 12th 2020

The Eastracian National Army-

The Eastracian National Army is the army of the Eastracian State. Established in 2020, the Eastracian National Army was the successor of the Royal Slovorian Army (RSA). The ENA is undoubtedly one of the strongest armies in Europe. After years of stagnation during monarchist rule, the RSA was slowly and steadily rebuilt by President Antonin Gyula.
After the dissolution of Slovoria, the RSA and all other Imperial Organizations were dissolved.
The ENA was established on March 12th, 2020. The ENA was heavily restructured and streamlined in its operations. The ENA receives heavy funding. The ENA is one of the most disciplined and well experienced militaries in Europe.

Supreme Commander: President Antonin Gyula

Chief of Staff of the ENA High Command: Field Marshall Petér Vargá

Active Personnel: 2,875,000

Reserve Personnel: 11,500,000

Fit For Service: 15,000,000

Eastracian National Air Force-

Commander of the ENAF: Premier Tristan Heydrich

-800 Attack Helicopters

-980 Bombers

-300 Helicopters

-340 Air Transport

-980 Fighters

-175 NOVA Bombers

-120 SuperNOVA Bombers

-70 SuperNOVA Fighters

-11 Modern War Zeppelins

Eastracian National Navy-

Commander of the ENN: Grand Admiral Leonid Dudka

-35 Battleships

-75 Cruisers

-160 Destroyers

-140 Frigates

-100 Submarines

-6 Aircraft Carriers


-850 Missiles

-12,000 Tanks

-11,000 AFV’s

-120 Nuclear Warheads

-5 WMD