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Taxlessian Demographics and International Affairs

Taxlessian Demographics

Taxlessia is inhabited by various nationalities. "Taxlessian" is considered a nationality and cultural term, not an ethnicity. In this article, you will learn about the current citizens of Taxlessia, and what relationships each nation of Greater Necanica has with Taxlessia.

Demographics of Taxlessian Citizens (Census 2018):

Taxlessian Demographics Details and International Affairs
1. Necanican (60.8%): Simply put, the vast majority of Taxlessian citizens with Necanican origin are multi-generational Taxlessians. These citizens can trace their bloodline back to the secession from Necanica in 424 CE. However, there are some Necanican-Taxlessians who have recently immigrated into the Free Land, and have adopted free-thinking and capitalist Taxlessian culture and traditions. There are some Necanican immigrants who are reluctant to abandon their socialist upbringing, and this has introduced tension between multi-generational Necanicans and their newly immigrated cousins. Today, you will find small pockets of recently immigrated Necanicans in major cities, who generally harbor distaste for Taxlessian culture, but are not actively in opposition to leadership.

2. Cahadrossian (13.7%): Cahadross shares one of the largest borders with Taxlessia, second only to Necanica, and therefore Cahadross has had a large amount of citizen crossover with Taxlessia. This open migration between the two nations has ramped up significantly in recent years. But this has not always been the case. Prior to the Cahadrossian Civil War, Taxlessia viewed Cahadross as a political enemy and a cold war brewed between the two nations. During these times, many Cahadrossians living in Taxlessia were deported, and those who refused were imprisoned in concentration camps. Taxlessia created a compulsory military service primarily due to the war with Cahadross. Tensions rose to a critical level when a multi-layered weaponized wall was built with Cahadross.

Things have since significantly improved, and newfound prosperous economies in both nations has bred a healthy relationship. The militarized border was promptly removed, and is now an open area of trails and fields which allows for free folk from both lands to cross without fear. Cahadrossians and Taxlessians frequently marry, and many conduct business across borders. Taxlessians have become somewhat dependent on Cahadrossian consumers and businesses, and vice versa. Any major policy change in either nations would be largely unfavorable. Together with Vvak and Osene, these four nations comprise the Northeast Freelands, and travel between these nations is made even easier. Citizens from these four nations may travel without passport, and simply carrying an I.D. card, if prompted by authorities, is enough to justify interregional migration.

3. Osenean (8.8%): Osenean citizens get along fairly well with Taxlessians, and cultures are similar. Both nations are a part of the Northeast Freelands, and therefore travel is cheaper and less restrictive. However, Taxlessians generally feel uncomfortable with the idea of the Osenean monarchy. This is due to Taxlessia's history with cruel monarchies. Not many Taxlessians travel into Osene, which is only made worse when there are generally long travel times into Osenean ports. Nevertheless, Osenean people are invited with open arms and are now the 3rd largest nationality living in Taxlessia.

4. Crawdad (5.9%): Crawdad Town is mainly viewed as Taxlessia's ally to the South. Economically, Crawdad town supplies a large amount of seafood to the southern seafood market and seafood restaurants of Taxlessia. Many Crawdads themselves work in the Taxlessian seafood market/restaurants. Taxlessians and Crawdads also share the Greater Necanican market on insurance sales.

5. New Grand Polisian (4.9%): People who come from New grand polis to live in Taxlessia generally settle in Taxlessia City or other major cities. Many are businessmen, looking for a more prosperous country to open up shop, which Taxlessia heavily encourages. New Grand Polisians from the homeland are generally envious of Taxlessia as a whole. This is mainly due to the freedom given to the citizens and, more importantly, a thriving economy.

6. Vvak (2.0%): Vvak is another member of the Northeast Freelands, but also fairly distant from Taxlessia. Vvak people have to travel by boat, and then across Cahadross just to make it to Taxlessia, so many just remain in Cahadross. Vvak also has a fairly radical view in comparison to Taxlessia, so the Vvak people who settle in Taxlessia tend to be more moderate thinkers. Taxlessians generally view Vvak people as friendly and hard-working, but question Vvak leadership and the drastic decisions they make.

7. Tinnitanian (~1%): Tinnitania as a whole dislikes Taxlessian culture of free markets and large private sector. However, a few Tinnitanian citizens who decide to relocate North to Taxlessia are generally seeking refuge across the pond. Many assimilate and assume menial jobs as restaurant workers or aid in the importing of seafood (either from Crawdad Town, or as deckhands). Taxlessians generally avoid visiting Tinnitania since there are no major business ties, but Taxlessians do not have a negative view of the people.

8. Jestairian (~1%): Taxlessians do not think very highly of their northern neighbors. This is mainly due to the fact that Jestairians lack a sense of competition and desire to succeed. The only reason why a small amount of Jestairians live in Taxlessia is because they were dragged into the northern mining industry as mining peons. The Jestairian miners live solely in colonies set up by Taxlessian mining corporations. These slum-like colonies are only found along the border between the two nations. Most Jestairians living in this area wandered into Taxlessian lands and are unaware of where they are.

Jestair has not been able to prove that their citizens are being taken to work against their will, but if evidence to convict Taxlessia were to reveal itself, Jestair plans to ban travel between the two nations.

9. Tlagaang Mercenaries, Nopless Will (~1%): Nopless Will, being comprised of multiple subcultures and ethnic groups, has a few of their citizens living in Taxlessia, namely the Tlagaang Mercenaries. These mercenaries are hired by various private industry figureheads and companies to protect land and buildings from wrongdoers. Taxlessia itself does have a strong military presence, but an abyssmal police force, so when biker gangs just do not cut it, many business heavily rely on Tlagaang Mercenaries to protect their assets. The rest of Nopless Will citizens avoid Taxlessia for the most part, and Taxlessian find travel to Nopless Will irritating.

10. Nehael (<1%): Nehaelem is generally fairly neutral with Taxlessia. But Taxlessians have a positive view of Nehaelem politics. Taxlessian companies strive to gain the attention of the Nahael market. Taxlessian leadership even somewhat desires to strike a deal with Nehael leaders in terms of a shared defense and economy, with the overall goal of establishing a Western and Eastern presence in Greater Necanica. This push for an alliance with Nahaelem was bolstered following the bombing of a Kojima Productions ship, and Taxlessia feeling the urgency to establish a strong military presence in the West.

11. Church of Monopolian (<1%): The Church of Monopoly and Taxlessia are on opposite sides of the spectrum of religious belief. This will always separate the two nations, and most Taxlessians do not marry or associate with Church of Monopolians. Taxlessia does watch economic prosperity in Church of Monopoly with a keen eye, and does admire their similar beliefs in market freedom.

12. Gravies (<1%): Gravytrainer and Taxlessia are somewhat at odds due to internal business feuds. The majority of Taxlessian cheese markets refuse to sell to the Gravytrainer pizza industry after a string of events caused by miscommunication led to multiple shipments of Taxlessian cheese to "mysteriously" disappear. In an oligarchy-fashion, all major cheese companies in Taxlessia ganged up to outlaw sales to Gravytrainer. Currently, the only black market activity in Taxlessia is underground cheese export (primarily conducted by small cheese shops wanting to exploit an open market) to Gravytrainer pizza companies. This black market system prevails since Gravies will pay a high price for high quality Taxlessian mozzarrella and parmesean.

13. Meltairians (<1%): Meltair City is neutral toward Taxlessis, especially since Meltair City has other nations to worry about. Taxlessia resents Meltair City for having a dictatorship, which reminds Taxlessia of their history with many monarchs that ran their country into the ground.

14. Sandestineans (<1%): Sandestine and Taxlessia both have a strong negative view of each other, which is core to their political and economic views. Taxlessia cannot come to understand communism or dictatorships, and Sandestine despises the idea of extremely unhinged markets and a completely democratic voting system.

15. Danzigdindians (<1%): Danzigdind and Taxlessia are at opposite ends of economic and political spectrums. Taxlessia is currently using the border between the two nations as a training site for their military, since they suspect that the next source of evil would come from the border with Danzigdind.

16. Holy Empire of God Christians (<1%): Holy empire of god christ and Taxlessia are distant trade partners, but very few citizens travel, let alone settle, in each other's lands. The two nations also resent the other for their view on religion, but Taxlessia does not let that impede their ability to sell "Reckoning" insurance to their citizens.

17. Employees, Kojima Productions (None): Kojima Productions and Taxlessia have been in a tumultious relationship, and it has only gotten worse recently. The two nations have a cold relationship now, and hostility toward Employees in Taxlessia runs rampant. Any former busines ties to Kojima Productions in the past have been destroyed by Taxlessia.

While initially neutral, with a small crossover in bussiness, a series of events including an anti-Kojima propaganda campaign and an attack on a Kojima Productions cargo ship worsened relations between the two nations. On January 6th, 2018, a Kojima Productions cargo ship carrying medical supplies was accidentally fired upon by Taxlessian naval forces under the presumption of a naval invasion.

Taxlessia defended their mistaken naval strike on the ship, claiming that, "Due to the presence of KP soldiers, which were visible onboard the ship, we had no other choice but to assume attack was eminent." -Taxlessian Defense Secretary

Kojima-Taxlessian relations have never truely recovered since then. It doesn't help that Kojima Productions has the highest tax rate of the Greater Necanican region. Taxlessia also allows for TV shows and popular comedians to promote anti-KP ideologies, which has angered KP leadership on many occasions.

Taxlessian Opposition to Danzigdind as the WA Delegate for Greater Necanica