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Shmeckle's visions of his future.


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    Shmeckle Elected: End of Prozera's Questionable Term

20 May 2020 From the insignificance of citizenship, to the prowess of Supreme Chancellor, this week we saw the election of Aukumnia's eldest citizen and newest rising politician: Shmeckle. On the 1st of this month, Shmeckle won with harrowing odds against the well-established Supreme Chancellor, Prozera. How did this unlikely victory come into fruition and what does it mean for the future?

Prozera's term, despite the big promises and decent accomplishments, was filled with a considerable degree of uncertainty. From his hyper-partisan attacks on the Chamber of Representatives to his murky and uncertain fumble through the realm of regional management, often his overly-ambitious nature and aggressive stance towards other parties overshadowed his real accomplishments. He rode in on a wave of TIF success that was built by his predecessor, Retiva, and didn't have the charisma or resolve to uphold what he had built up.

Up until the final twelve hours of the registration period for the Chancellery elections, only one candidate had registered, Prozera. Everyone believed he had a firm grasp over this race; however, at the last minute, within hours of the election, the Chairman of the Commission of Aukumnian Elections made an announcement within several party servers that additional candidates were direly needed. This would be Prozera's downfall.

The rising party, Shmecklecratic Roman Republic Party (SRRP), and the liberal Aukumnian Freedom Party (AFP) both fielded candidates, the SRRP fielding Shmeckle and the AFP fielding Trev. Additionally, two independents registered, Seal and Hugh.

The race started out with Prozera in the expected lead, Trev right behind him, and Shmeckle, Hugh, and Seal tied for last place. However, the AFP saw an opportunity to take down Prozera. They swiftly withdrew Trev from the race and endorsed Shmeckle for the position, and within hours Shmeckle shot up upwards of 20% ahead of Prozera. Hugh was from TIF, and this split the vote of Prozera's voter base, giving the third candidate Shmeckle the chance to take the lead.

By the end of the election, Prozera congratulated Shmeckle on his victory and the new Chancellor took his office. Shmeckle appointed a similar cabinet to prior, simply removing the Minister of Recruitment and Integration and appointing Prozera as Minister of Justice as opposed to Dukna. However, with his Roman ideology, he couldn't help but change up the executive branch in a rather drastic way.

Not long after he took office, he used his executive-shaping powers to create several bodies within the executive branch, including a Senate, that could exercise veto power, and a co-Consul. This quickly brought forth controversy as people questioned whether he could truly do that within the bounds of the law. However, despite the disagreement Shmeckle held true that he had the power to shape the executive branch as he pleased and that he wasn't truly infringing on the legislative by taking this action.

It's only early in Shmeckle's term, and we have yet to see what is to come. However, whether it is successful or not, Shmeckle will push hard for the Roman reforms his party has always advocated for, no matter the backlash he faces. Time will only tell whether Shmeckle fades into the shadows of history or becomes a reformer of Aukumnian government.