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by The GALACTIC EMPIRE of Pigeonstan. . 177 reads.


0 AD BACKED in iceland by the celts to resist rome
100 AD LOSES SUPPORT from the celts and takes ireland
700 AD named PIGEONSTAN by king RAVEN VII
900 AD plauge wipes out half the population of the capital Pigeon city
1100 AD Pigeonstan invades scandinavia controling Finland Denmark Sweden and Norway
1230 AD pigeonstan invades the ottoman empire 
1263 AD Pigeonstan takes all territory of the ottomans (turkey and egypt) making it a huge middle eastern and european power
1354 AD the city of Baghdad is given to pigeonstan by the sultan of France
1444 AD the crusades rock france breaking the eastern grip on euroupe
1544 AD the new world is discovered by [nation]Acai[/nation]
1566 AD Pigeonstan takes newfoundland from enemies
1679 AD Pigeonstan loses to germany and cedes modern virginia west virginia and the southeast but they get the north east
1788 AD Pigeonstan invades and take pakistan and brasil and argentina
1789 AD the industrial revolution takes pigeonstan by storm
1810  AD pigeonstan takes iran iraq syria and saudi arabia connecting the middle east
1820 AD Pigeonstan takes the korean penuinsela and sees britan rise as a superpower
1840 AD the bolsheviks establish the third soviet union
1900 AD Pigeonstan and russia win the first colonial war giving Pigeonstan australia
1980 AD Pigeonstan invents the smartphone
2020 Pigeonstan sells kovoso to italy
2030 AD pigeonstan defeats columbia,france,poland taking panama and the panima canal
2050 AD pigeonstan gloriously defeats china