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Symphony of the Storm

Symphony of the Storm

Written by Kadiya on 1/10/20, (10th of January, 2020) published on 5/23/20 (23rd of May, 2020)

Category: Environment

An NWI Poetry Competition Entry

Symphony of the Storm
Written by Kadiya

So silent before the storm,
the sky a melancholy gray.
Though winds may blow,
and leaves may flow,
there is a rhythm of the storm.

To sit among the bliss,
to sit and reminisce,
the silence calls to you.
The silence speaks volumes.
There is a song of the storm.

The clouds and thunder clash
a city, turned to ash.
Though chaos it may seem,
it truly is a dream.
There is a melody of the storm.

Wind and tornadoes howl,
gale thrusts of a rainy cowl.
And as darkness falls,
we are seated in nature's halls.
There is a symphony of the storm.

But before every disaster,
the rending of walls that we did plaster,
there is a call that beckons you.
There is a beauty that plays its tune.
There is a silence before every storm.

The Republic of Kadiya