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His Majesty's Royal Imperial Government of Dominioan

Guld Perloumintery Munerchy uf Dominioan

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His Majesty's Royal Imperial Government of Dominioan
-The Royal Seal of His Majesty's Royal Imperial Government of Dominioan

Government Type: Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy

Motto: "Give the people what they want, for if they are happy, the country is happy."

The King
The Royal Seal of the Imperial King of Dominioan

-Elects the House of Roses in Parliament
-Chooses a Prime Minister
-Can Dismiss Parliament, with PM agreement
-Can be a judge in Imperial Judiciary
-Commander in Chief of the Royal Forces
-Can select an official religion on his own
-Represents the country internationally
-Can reject a law from the Parliament
-Advised by the Red Council

The Parliament
The Royal Seal of the Imperial Parliament

-Made up of the House of Commons, elected by the people
-Also the House of Roses, selected by the King an Prime Minister
-The Parliament has supreme legislative power
-Only they can propose and make laws
-Can vote a new King/Queen, if the current bloodline dies
-Lead by Prime Minister
-Can reverse a veto from the King
-Can remove a Minister
-Selects 6 of the Imperial Judiciary

The Prime Minister

-Appointed by the King
-Must belong to political party in the top three for seats
-Heads the Parliament and the Red Council
-Can approve the dismissal of Parliament
-Selects Ministers, with Kings approval
-Selects two of the Imperial Judiciary

The Imperial Judiciary

-A group of 9 judges and the King
-They decide if laws are unconstitutional, once they are passed
-Can review a law if the King or Prime Minister asks
-Also final ruling in any court trial
-6 are elected by Parliament
-2 are chose by the Prime Minister
-The other is the King

The Red Council

-Made up of the Ministers and the Prime Minister
-Ministers head their departments, selected by King and PM
-The Red Council meets to advise the King
-They also meet to tell any news about their departments
-The Red Council is subject to the will of the Parliament
-The Parliament can change Ministers, so they control the Council

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