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ex-ante society Legislates Formation of One-Time Reserve Epidemiological Budget

Recent legislation in Ehenhet Dralgad has set in motion an increase in the nation's reserve medical supplies with the intention of standing at the ready to provide epidemiological and medical relief services to all Rafaiad.

Although the true terms of the activation of the budget will be decided by future incarnations of the ex-ante society, with cynics claiming that the government will always surely use its potential budget sooner than later, observers optimistic in the intentions of the present ex-ante society believe that the reserve will be activated subsequent to the observation of upwards fluctuations in Dralgadian bioentropy measures. There is further disagreement as to the specificity with which the ex-ante society will observe bioentropy should the medical reserves be deployed wholly as expected.

Whether the proposed action is truly charitable given its contingency upon observations within Ehenhet Dralgad is a subject of some debate, but a survey of individuals interested in the question suggests that this reserve application in its conjunction of medical compassion and selfish interest is regarded as extremely consistent with the historic fixations of Dralgadian policy.

In other news, a hit new single "Serpent Emanations" has been sweeping Dralgadia...