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The Wall Of Good Noodles

An example of a Good Noodle award

The wall of Good Noodles is a black marble based monument in Ciudad De San Medici, infront of Saint Catalina's Palace. Built to recognize thriving relations with other nations, earning an award to be added onto the monument is considered a prestigious achievement and guarantees San Medici's continuous support and friendship. When a nation is awarded a Good Noodle award, their head of state is invited to San Medici to attend the public and internationally broadcasted event in which their award will be inaugurated and added onto the wall. Good Noodle awards may be revoked, however this has yet to happen and likely never will.

Current Good Noodle award holders are:

1. Nacoa Dya
2. The Municipalities of Antarctica
3. Kathol Rift
4. United surabaya
5. Novoblupolia
6. Wubdich
7. United Ottarenzian Capitalist Republics
8. Haven and Sanctuary
9. Calption