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Isobania Chokes to Yuno

Remembering Isobanian WBC Failure; 2-1 Championship Loss to Yuno

Aaron Rooks, SNN Published 22nd May 2020

Editor's Note: Aaron is an Angshiri author. Born and raised in Anglia, he attended the Academy of Art. He graduated from Sports Photography in 2017 and took a job as a Scientist. He currently works as the editor of SNN and Box Office News, two world-class newspapers that reach millions of readers a year, while working with sports photography.

(Bellview Ballpark - Freetown, African Strand) - The stage is set. The best of the best had been going for around a month, and now, the classic was down to two; the Isobanians, and the Yuno. They started their road with a 4-2 win in the qualifier over Lapathiya. Yuno had shocked the world to even get past Group D. However, they went 3-0 in that group to move onto Valoria. They had a combined ERA of 1.75, they scored 21 runs, and they gave up a mere 7 runs. They defeated Lungha 6-2 in Game 1, the Block 10-5 in Game 2, and Aerilia 5-2 in Game 3. Then, they continued to surpass expectations when they won Group B by going 3-0 with a combined ERA of 2.33, scoring 13 runs, and only allowing 7 runs in the group. They defeated Isobania in Game 1 2-1, they defeated Dellonland in Game 2 3-1, and then they defeated a fierce Lunghan team 9-5 in a back-and-forth affair of a rematch. Then, they pulled up into Freetown and took down the host, African Strand 2-0 behind a stellar pitching performance.

Isobania had been ranked #1 in the country for years. Very fitting that they were one of the co-hosts of the tournament. They were drawn into a group with Dellonland, Western Vapia, and their biggest rival, Miruma. They swept that group going with a 2.50 ERA and outscoring opponents 25-10. They bested Miruma 8-5 in Game 1, Dellonland 7-4 in Game 2, and Vapia 10-1 in Game 3. Then, they moved onto Group B in the next stage. There, they lost Game 1 to Yuno 2-1. Then, they took out Lungha and Dellonland 14-1 and 9-2 respectively. Because of this, the reached second place in Group B with an ERA of 1.67, allowing 5 runs, and scoring 24. Then, in their semifinal game against Asthea, they mixed strong pitching with dominating hitting to assert their dominance over the Astheans.

So, that set up this ballgame. And right out of the gate, Yuno shocked all 25,000 in the stadium in Freetown as well as billions all over the world. A lead-off solo home run from the captain brought many to their feet and gave Yuno a 1-0 lead. As soon as Yuno grabbed that lead, they refused to let it go. Strong pitching from both the Yuno ace and the Isobanian ace, Stephen Thorne, kept both offenses at bay. However, in the top of the fourth, Ryan Virtudes was able to tie the ballgame up at 1-1 with a solo home run. And with that, the defense and the pitching seemed to increase.

1-2-3, good morning-good afternoon-good night, innings continued to roll. Then, in the top of the eighth, Yuno had two on. And a clutch single up the middle gave them a 2-1 lead. And they held that score. With the final strikeout over Jason Stewart, Yuno had the right to hold the trophy high.

Yuno defied all odds to win a championship, but the Isobanians, the heavily favored, choked. For this reason, this makes the list at #11.