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The Grey Wardens - Scaling Up Our Wins

Once upon a time, there were some little fish that had scales in all the colours of the rainbow. As they swam and splashed in the waves around their little coral reef, they shimmered like prisms, casting joyful reflections of sunlight onto all the other fish.

But then a shadow came over the ocean, and the sunlight was taken away. The little fish saw ropes and knots coming towards their coral reef, damaging the anemones and the pink polyps. They felt the seawater shuddering around them as the shadow from above the water came closer.

Luckily, the little rainbow fish were the protectors of the coral reef. As long as they reached the corals before the terrible dark shadow did, they could protect the coral, for now, by giving up one of their beautiful shimmering scales. They managed to protect thirty corals like this!

While their rainbow was still shining brightly, the little fish saw an anemone that belonged to a cruel jellyfish. The jellyfish hated the other fish so much that its hatred became poison. It dangled above its anemone home, and around it, the water was clear, for it would lash out at any fish who drew too close.

But the jellyfish didnít know love, and so it could not defend against it. Some of the little rainbow fish banded together with other fish from around the coral reef, and together they drove the jellyfish away from its home, and into the path of the dreadful shadow, where it was frozen in place as it trembled with rage, unable to hurt any more fish.

The little rainbow fish went on throughout the reef, making sure they protected whatever they could. The waves were wild and the currents relentless, pushing back against the little fish as if trying to stop them. But the little rainbow fish couldn't be stopped, not even when they were temporarily dragged into a whirlpool. The shadow floated above them, a sinister shape above the waves, blocking out the light. It coasted slowly across the reef, and finally it drifted away.

The little rainbow fish came out of the darkness together and realised they werenít rainbow fish any more. They had given away so many of their scales that their real colours were showing through - grey and teal and purple and green. But still, they were beautiful in all their different colours as they shimmered together through the coral reef, in the bright blue light that filtered through the waves and lit up all the corals they had protected, and their last rainbow scales bound them together as friends forever.

Rainbow Fish Friends

Grey Fish
Warden Commander Haku
Warden Commander Tim
Warden Commander Vincent Drake
Warden Constable Nakari
Warden Comlogical
Warden Kanglia
Warden Matthew

Fish of Other Colours
FiHami from the South Pacific
Dyl from the Union of Democratic States + the Rejected Realms
Glaciosia from the Union of Democratic States
Jamie from the Rejected Realms

In War, Victory.
In Peace, Vigilance.
In Death, Sacrifice

Authored by Nakari ^_^

The Office of The First Warden