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A change from Capitalism to Socialism


Eraveria presents

A change from Capitalism to Socialism

the 9th period of Socialism was over and the age of capitalism was back, the age of capitalism featured with a increase of the rich income and the decrease of the poor income, the poor income was dropped and turned orange and was on top 2%, however, the age of Capitalism didn't last long, the issue came back in 4:10 pm, with Eraverian government choosing the 3rd option, and the computers controlled the economy, and the 10th period of socialism was back, instead of manual, human-organized economy, the computers controlled it and made it into automatic, AI-planned economy, it's called Futuristic socialism, when the economy is controlled by computers under socialism.

the Socialist government made some changes, the Socialist government cancels the Euthanasia policy, and also cancels No Immigration policy, the Tourism stats was increasing due to the cancellation of No Immigration, Socialism continues to be enacted because the Income equality was increasing, the poor income was rising and the rich income was decreasing, quite a opposite, Socialism is the opposite of Capitalism, the Crony Capitalism was cancelled and replaced by the leftist economic model, and Chaun socialism was born.