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The Regional Government of the Acropolis

The Acropolis Regional Government

Regional Office Role


Head of State

The Head of State is the Emperor, and our founder, Ancient Greek Empire


(Or the Special Forces of the Acropolis) This is the elite police force appointed by the Emperor and will help the Emperor administer and secure the region. The WA Delegate is the leader of the SFA-Alpha. The Delegate must send reports of any abusers of the rules to the Chief Justice and the judges. While waiting for the decision, they must suppress the posts of the offenders on the RMB.


It would be ruled by the Chief Minister - voted by all regional officers - and the elected ministers. They will rule over Internal Affairs, External Affairs, and Roleplay.


Any nation in the Acropolis can apply to be a legislator. Legislators can votes on laws and the impeachment of other officers.


The Chief Justice reviews the reports given by the Delegate and decides what to do. If the Chief Justice fails to make a decision or is unavailable, the Judges may make a decision.

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