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Cultural Revivalism Plan

OUTRAGED at the fact that many nation states in many regions are lacking any interest in national factbooks, regional politics. We seek like-minded nations who agree that national culture (roleplay) is the base of every nation state.

PLANNING a great cultural (roleplay) revivalism in the entire international community, we seek members around the entire world, not just a single region, possibly eventually founding a new region if we find enough interested nations, while encouraging keeping a puppet nation in your previous region in case the upper mentioned happens.

ENCOURAGING national factbooks and overall national politics and cultural developement (roleplay).

ALSO ENCOURAGING regional governments working similarily to the WA (all bills written In Character), keeping a record of all passed bills.

DISCOURAGING all nations founded as a joke, and declaring them a disgrace.

OUTRAGED at the fact that culturally developed (roleplay active) regions either have to enter a complete isolationism, or delegate cultural affairs outside the region (for example into discord or off-site forums).

JOIN US! via a telegram to Khazar Lechia.

Our association as its core goal sees raising In Character activity within nation states, similar to the way of WA.

We support:

  • National roleplay and factbooks.

  • Regions with governments working similarly to WA.

  • Regional maps depicting only regions and not every region having a seperate world map.

  • Serious nations, in depth national roleplay and overall serious In Character activity.

  • Roleplaying events based on Nation States (like regional sporting events).

We do not support:

  • Joke-nations.

  • Joke-regions.

  • Real-life politics in Nation States.

  • Resolutions and/or nations and/or regions made for real-life political statements (like vote for *blank*).

  • Resolutions and/or nations and/or regions made for a joke.

  • Resolutions and/or nations and/or regions made out of spite.

  • Spam, bots and flooding (including all the "you are featured" spam).

If you agree please consider joining! Telegram Khazar Lechia to do so!

Regions who officially adopted this plan:

Regions who officially support this plan:

Singular Nations who officially support this plan, but remain in non-roleplay regions: