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On the night of May 5th, a party of raiders, under the direction of Thij Pasha--and by proxy the government of Archnox, seized the proud region of Xenox in a seemingly traditional raid. However, this raid was not intended to be an ordinary tag raid, nor a defense: it was a liberation. Upon taking the helm of regional authority, Redwolf169, a native of Xenox, declared "make no mistake, this is liberation" in the Regional RMB. To understand this sentiment, it is essential we first understand history.

Flag of Xenox under Archno administration

In traditional Archno Historiography, Xenox is considered the most direct predecessor to Trenox-- the organization which would eventually evolve into Archnox. For nearly the entire year of 2018, Xenox was the primary organization of the first Treno. It was in Xenox that the idea was forged that there could be a future for the community beyond the realms of Nationstates. It was in Xenox that libertarian governance paved way for a culture of vigilante fighters organized by the people of Xenox for the defense of Xenox. It was in the name of the defense of Xenox that organizations such as the Communist Potatoes were formed.

However, the glorious elements of Xenox would not last. Xenox would be corrupted by it's own administration: a decadent, elite class that were out of touch with the reality of Xenox and thus cracked down on those who kept Xenox alive. After some time, that noble class of Xenians was driven out of Xenox and made into refugees. Those refugees would be the ones who founded Trenox.

Thus, when the refugees that founded Trenox returned to the land of their origin, it was a liberation. It was intended to be a liberation of Xenox from corrupt classes and a recultivation of those long abandoned fields. But yet again, the upper classes of Xenox proved their worth when they, in tradition with their past, destroyed this attempt at reinvigoration on May the Fourteenth. But they may rest assured that one day, our motherlands shall be reclaimed.


Roleplay is dead. Or at least, that’s the myth. According to S_Kuzi Pasha of Goryemu, Roleplay has degraded into a state thus that it may be considered qualitatively inferior to real RP. However, this bold claim begs many questions regarding their validity.

Over the course of the past year, many in Archnox have completely cut ties with RP on this questionable dogma as declared by S_kuzi Pasha. However, seemingly, no one has yet bothered to challenge this idea. Thus, that very question is the matter we will look into today. An investigation by The Archnox Irregular reveals that throughout the last 7 days 10k messages have been. Some may argue that these messages are purely OOC and not actual RPing, yet as we have found out over this week, there have been 13k messages RP related messages in the main RPing channel in this week alone!

Damian's former profile picture, the man who founded the RP community.

Despite this unobjectionable proof, one could argue that the server has no member growth and that most members leave immediately after they join. While this claim is somewhat true, many new members that do join the server are quick to leave. However, out of the four who have stayed in the past week, all of them have contributed massively to the activity of the server.

Upon these facts, a proper, Libertarian-Nihilist has ought to be rightfully alarmed. However, through a rigorous experiment in dialectical analysis, we can discover why RP is, in fact, undead. In analysis, it is quickly revealed that the continued dialectical nature of RP is a relationship between those who participate in Roleplay(Players) and those who analyze Roleplay as to move along the mechanisms of Roleplay(Moderators). This dialectical movement is the core motion of Roleplay. If either of these mechanisms fail, the Roleplay is put at risk of death.

In the case of Damian’s RP Community, both of these mechanisms are intact and a Moderator council willing to participate in this motion. In order to maintain the activity of those who participate in Roleplay, the Moderator council agrees, intentionally or unintentionally, to make certain cessions. They agree to change the era of RP. They agree to relax quality as to improve the accessibility of RP to new players. They make sacrifices for the sake of new players and inactive players to increase activity as older, more experienced players leave. Thus, the dialectic of the Roleplay reveals the truth behind the myth of the dead Roleplay. Roleplay, while it may be dead in the sense we understand it, is by no means deceased. It has merely dialectically evolved into a degraded state beyond recognition or worthy of praise.

However, it seems that Libertarian-Nihilist Dreams of the death of RP may soon be coming to fruition. Numerous Moderators within Damian’s RP circle have reported feeling bored and dissatisfied with the leisure RP provides. If these Moderators are not soon entertained, the death of RP will become inevitable due to the lack of potential new Moderators to take their place. If the RP is to survive, it would require a generational shift that seems highly improbable considering the period of time required for such a thing to occur and xenophobic attitudes that provoke many to leave the RP before integration can even have a chance. So perhaps, RP really is dead, just not in the way we believe it.


King Hemu XXVII "the Fat", the man who ordered the Hemucaust
The Hemucaust is among the most controversial historical events of the modern era. It was a milestone in Hemuraile history and a demonstration of human ingenuity that is celebrated across Archnox to this day. However, there are detractors. Some disproportionately anti-Hemuic fringe historians and conspiracy bloggers criticize numerous aspects of the historiography of the event, such as the wooden doors that were supposedly used on the Stoikschiwtz Ovens or the high numbers of cookies supposedly baked. While most do not go so far as to deny the occasion outright, the questioning of the Hemucaust is known to correlate with anti-hemuism.

Thus, on May Thirteenth, under pressure of Hemuic communities, the Pashalik unanimously agreed to pass legislation proposed by Basileus Pasha to ban Hemucaust denial. While the move was contested by some as a purely symbolic, even antagonizing gesture, Basileus Pasha defends it saying "many are wrongly quick to deny the great legacy of the hemunic bakers aswell as the ever growing anti hemunic sentiment...[we must] will make anti-hemuic thought a fringe belief and make all its supporters rethink their stance."


The menace of Conservative regions across Nationstates has returned to wreak yet more imbecilic havoc. Nagarno is back. We expect that a majority of the readers who have any care for these matters already know, at least vaguely, of his past deeds on Nationstates. Many can attest to the destructive character of his past. Take the example of Spode Humbled Minions, a Council Delegate of the League of Conservative Nations and a Nagarno expert, who, in a month two years ago, compiled a 230-megabyte database consisting purely of material regarding Nagarno. Clearly, complete discussion of Nagarno's history is worthy of an article in itself, which is why we will be strategically limiting the scope of this article to the present matter, and the various geopolitical angles the involved parties have on it.

Flag of Nagarno's Greater Holy Reich of Bunicken(GHRB)

Flag of The New Iron Order, Nagarno's primary sponsor

On May Fifteenth, 2020, Greater Berlinn, an alias of Nagarno, was refounded into Lazarus. On the same day, he proceeded to create the region which is the center of the contemporary crisis, the Greater Holy Reich of Bunicken, a minuscule, two-nation region that claims to be the rightful heirs to the Bunicken. This pretender government was quickly recognized as legitimate by Hispanyo's New Iron Order, a region that self-describes its ideology as "Fascio-Nationalism" and a declaration was made in the Regional Message Board by Teutoniccum-- a nation believed to be owned either by Hispanyo-- declaring "May this bunicken rise from the ashes!"

As for the Greater Holy Reich of Bunicken itself, the region is notably and the brainchild of Nagarno. The good grammar of works regarding the region leads us at The Archnox Irregular to believe that they were written personally by Nagarno and thus, should be read as declarations of his political ideology. The most reliable source for analysis of Nagarno's political belief is likely the "Charter of The Holy Reich", written a mere four days ago. Among the notable characteristics of the Charter is its Monarchist character, going so far as to declare "The King is the state", an obvious reference to Louis XIV's personal motto "l'etat, c'est moi(The State, it is myself)." In his World Factbook Entry, we can see the image he is attempting to project of himself and his region. He sees his region as a bastion, protecting "identity, culture, and tradition", whatever that means. In his World Factbook Entry, he describes his ideology as radical. Nationalist, Alt-Right, and Fascist are all buzzwords used to describe this Bunische pretender state.

The existence of this region raises many questions, namely, why? Why come back to Nationstates now? Why proclaim your region the legitimate Bunicken? Why seek out cooperation with Hispanyo? Unfortunately, The Archnox Irregular was not able to get ahold of Nagarno himself. However, we still gained insight into his strategic psyche via a conversation with Hispanyo --Nagarno's closest ally and collaborator. Hispanyo was extremely open in our conversation with him, a fact that allowed us to gain deep insight into the mind of both The New Iron Order and Nagarno. Hispanyo his reason for supporting Nagarno as a desire to "get back at her[Morrigan] for doing this[dividing the Right-wing community on Nationstates] to us[the Right-Wing Community on Nationstates]." In Hispanyo's eyes, the primary aims of The New Iron Order(in the context of GHRB) is purely the antagonism and sabotage of the New Reich of Bunicken. Furthermore, Hispanyo sees Nagarno as a personal, longtime "Good Friend", and thus an ally in antagonism of the New Reich of Bunicken. Considering these facts, we can understand that the aim of Nagarno in claiming rightful rulership over the Bunicken is, perhaps, petty antagonism of the New Reich of Bunicken, thus worsening already existing divides between TNIO and more moderate, right-wing regions.

So what has been the response of the aforementioned, more moderate right-wing regions? The Archnox Irregular went to two such regions with a strong interest in Nagarno's return, namely the League of Conservative Nation and the New Reich of Bunicken.

Flag of The League of Conservative Nations,
a major conservative region with an extensive history
regarding Nagarno

Flag of the New Reich of Bunicken

The LCN, wisely, played their cards close to their chest. The two representatives we talked to, Chief Consul Quebecshire and Council Delegate Spode Humbled Minions, agreed that Nagarno is an annoying presence and that some course of action may be taken soon, although possible courses of action were not clarified. "Hispanyo is generally an unsavory presence on this site" said Chief Consul Quebecshire, "his regions are not viewed favorably." They do not intend on collaborating with the Greater Holy Reich of Bunicken and are seemingly intent on continuing recognition of the New Reich as the legitimate Bunicken. Council Delegate Spode summarized the seeming apathy of the LCN in succinct, if not blunt terms, when he was off the record: "Hopefully he's gotten the message that nobody on this platform wants him back, and he'll p*ss off for another few years."

The Kaiserin Lady Morrighan of the New Reich, on the other hand, had far more to say concerning Nagarno. She described him with only the most aggressive resentment. In her eyes, he is "manipulative, traitorous, power-hungry, and overall just seeks to destroy everything in his path for amusement." She sees him as "one of our[Bunicken's] biggest challenges" and a threat to "the peace we[Bunicken] have established." The New Reich sees his claims to legitimacy as purely antagonistic and sees is intent as simple warmongering. She denounced him as a simple Fascist and deemed him "embodiment of every negative image people have[of Fascism]." The New Reich, seemingly, will be taking an aggressive stance against Nagarno's behavior.

So where does this leave us? On one side, we have a group of Far-Right Fascists sponsoring a reactionary pretender in a bid to undermine a like-minded ally due to some perceived betrayal. On the other, there is the rest of the Nationstates right-wing, a spectrum that, seemingly, almost universally condemns Nagarno despite their apathy towards Bunicken. Our conclusion here at The Archnox Irregular is that this is a doomed struggle for Nagarno unless the geopolitical field were to shift massively in favor of TNIO, an ideal unlikely considering Hispanyo and Nagarno's historic unpopularity.


János Kádár, longtime Communist leader of the Hungarian People's Republic

Mészáros Lőrinc, corrupt Hungarian oligarch who has
become a billionaire off of corruption within Orban's regime.
In the early days of November, 1956, János Kádár saw the writing on the wall. The chance for a settlement to be reached between the Hungarian and Soviet governments was not to be. The Soviets had made the decision to use uncompromising force to smash the popular uprising that he had helped start. But János Kádár, always the pragmatist, decided to take this fact not as an indication to surrender but as a minor setback in the road to Hungarian independence and, by proxy, Socialism suited to Hungarian conditions. He struck a deal with the Soviet Union. In exchange for betraying the Revolution, he would be allowed to be the General Secretary of the Hungarian Socialist Worker's Party, the most powerful person in the Government that was to be. A month later, he was installed as the dictator of Hungary.

With this, he issued a Fifteen Point Plan. He declared that Hungary should be independent, united, peaceful, patriotic, democratic, and socialist. The system he implemented was coined Goulash Communism, a liberal interpretation of Marxist-Leninist doctrine that led to Hungary being dubbed "merriest barrack in the socialist camp." Kádár would peacefully rule Hungary, creating a country with a fairly high standard of living, relatively high access to consumer goods, and relatively high concern for the public opinion. Today, his most famous phrase is a perfect representation of his pragmatic soft dictatorship, "Who is not against us, is with us."

Today, Kádár is still considered by many Hungarians to be the most successful Hungarian leader of the 20th Century.

I implore the reader now to contrast that pleasant regime renowned for it's cultural freedom, public services, and private delights, with the corrupt Oligarchy that dominates Hungary today. While the situation is not particularly well known outside of Hungary due to Orban's extensive collection of populist propaganda and the incompetence of Western media, the aforementioned situation is certainly dire. According to the Budapest Business Journal, as of 2017, over 1,400,000 Hungarians live in extreme poverty. For scale, there are more than twice as many people in Hungary who live on almost a mere fourth of the American minimum wage than live in the city of Boston. In response to this poverty. it is believed that over 600 thousand Hungarians have fled the country, thus draining Hungary of it's most essential resource and causing an unforgiveable brain drain.

Furthermore, according to statistics reported by the Hungarian newspaper Heti Világgazdaság, an more than a half of the assets of Hungary are in the hands of only one tenth of the population. While irreconcilable wealth inequality is a feature of nearly every capitalist economy in the world, the case of Hungary is one of particular severity and corruption. Consider the status of Mészáros Lőrinc, a Hungarian politician who, until 2010, was little more than a failing natural gas mogul based in a small Hungarian town on the verge of complete bankruptcy. Until, of course, Orban took power. Orban's institutionalized system of corruption turned him from a failed businessman into an Oligarch. Within a span of only a few years, he became one of Hungary's most wealthy, most influential men simply by nature of his extensive network of connections to Fidesz.

And what does Orban do about this crisis? This crisis of corruption, poverty, and emigration? He propagandizes. When questions are raised about his irresponsible governance, he points his fingers to everyone but himself and his government. He points at the EU, which provides Hungary with invaluable aid and is in large part responsible for funding Hungarian corruption. He points at George Soros--a man known for his opposition to Orban's government, his support of philanthropic humanitarian causes to aid the ailing Hungarian people, and his Jewish heritage. He points towards immigrants, a nonsensical claim considering the simple fact that Hungary is a country where emigration by Hungarians to Germany is far more common than immigration by Muslims to Hungary, a country with extreme poverty rates comparable to Iran. A simple look into the state of Hungarian society, past Orban's rhetoric about being proud of his white, Christian heritage, reveals a deeply flawed society with priority for capital rather than care.