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Regional Council Rules of Procedure

Rules of Procedure of the Regional Council of the Labyrinth
Enacted by the Regional Council, 18 May 2020

  1. All business of the Regional Council shall be conducted via Discord. There shall be a council chamber channel where only Council members may post, and a discussion channel where all citizens may post. All channels shall be public to all citizens.

  2. The Council shall elect one of its members as Speaker. The Speaker shall decide the order of business of the Council and conduct votes. The Speaker shall be able to participate in debate and votes like other members.

  3. The Council shall discuss and vote on a bill or other measure only if either the Monarch, the WA Delegate or one of the members of the Council introduces it.

  4. After debating a bill or other measure, the Council shall vote on it. If a majority of members vote for it, it is considered passed.

  5. The Council shall not pass anything that contradicts existing law (not including regulations and policies).

  6. All Council votes shall be open for at least 48 hours, to enable all those with work and/or differing time zones to participate. All Council debates shall be open until every member has said that they have nothing further to say.

  7. Apart from laws, the Council also has the power to pass resolutions to express its intent, to commend or condemn a person for their actions, etc. which shall not be legally binding on anyone.