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The Grey Wardens - Peacekeepers Provide Relief Efforts

Warden Peacekeepers Oversee Relief Efforts

The Grey Wardens are pleased to announce significant success in removing Darkspawn and pushing back The Blight across NationStates over the past two days. Numerous victories have been seized with the help of our coalition of allies.

To begin, we are proud to announce that The Grey Wardens and Coalition Forces succesfully deployed into over 200 regions distributing necessary humanitarian aid. With most of those regions suffering from the presence of The Blight within their borders, Warden Peacekeepers are presently deploying purification efforts to root out the corruption with the help of those who are aligned in goals to ours. Over three updates, teams continued deploying into afflicted zones at increasing rates, starting with 36 done on the first update and 115 done in the third update alone. This purification effort will continue until we completely cleanse the founderless lands of the Blight, and we look forward to that time approaching. In War, Victory.

The TBH Region Page : Now That's A Lot Of Damage

Furthermore, between these detagging efforts, The Grey Wardens were able to inflict significant damage to a Black Hawk raiding party. It was a stormy patrol, with conditions shaping up to be pretty terrible for deployment, but follow the Darkspawn we did. Fortunately able to contest this raiding party, we secured twelve victories to their three. The efforts on both sides were stopped, as they frequently have been as of late by time stretching as it does in the North Pacific region of the world. With both sides losing their ability to deploy into tight margins, nothing further was to occur, as the vortex in the North spun on for over an hour and a half. We are, however, proud of the efforts that we did put forth, and continue to demonstrate lightning fast counter-deployment times to the Darkspawn efforts. In Peace, Vigilance.

Boston Free Once More

The Grey Wardens are pleased to announced that the cleanup efforts in Boston have been successfully concluded. Following a short occupation by immense numbers of the enemy, we have been able to re-secure the region and remove the last of the Darkspawn that were left over following the occupation. While not grandiose, it's an important peacekeeping task necessary to ensure less risks in the future. With little to no native populace presently active, it's unlikely that Boston's fate will change, but we'll continue to keep it clean in the mean time. Thank you again to all those who deployed support troops in for the clean-up effort, with the assortment of commitments different military group were already in prior. In addition, thank you to all those who held on and committed their WA's to the siege effort, as it went on in the region, until you were banned by the Darkspawn foe. In Death, Sacrifice.

Major Update - 2020-05-18

Wardens Present

High Constable Sir Merlin
Commander Tim-Opolis

Allies Present

RRA Jamie
LILY Sweeze
SPSF phoenixofthesun
AFP anti winx

Minor Update - 2020-05-18

Wardens Present

High Constable Sir Merlin
Commander Vincent Drake
Commander Tim-Opolis

Allies Present

RRA Karputsk
RRA Jamie
RRA Frattastan
APF anti winx
LILY Sweeze

Major Update - 2020-05-19

Wardens Present

Commander Vincent Drake
Commander Tim-Opolis
Warden Comlogical

Allies Present

RRA Karputsk
SPSF phoenixofthesun

Minor Update - 2020-05-19

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Wardens Present

High Constable Sir Merlin
Chamberlain Haku
Commander Tim-Opolis

Allies Present

RRA Jamie
RRA Karputsk
RRA Frattastan
LILY Sweeze

In War, Victory.
In Peace, Vigilance.
In Death, Sacrifice.

The Office of The First Warden